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Do you love sport, music or perhaps technology? Don’t miss any more offers from companies that really interest you. Register now and enter the competition at the same time.

The advantages for you at a glance

  • Take part in the competition with cash prizes worth 12,000 francs
  • Receive personalized offers based on your interests
  • Attractive promotional samples and free magazines
  • Opportunity to take part in future competitions

Register and benefit

By giving your consent, you’ll immediately enjoy all of the benefits mentioned above and can also enter our competition.

By giving your consent, you help us learn even more about your needs and interests. This enables us to provide you with information concerning relevant third-party offers and services. You will receive advertising targeting your needs.

To this end, we use the following Swiss Post data:

  • The master data collected through the provision of postal and logistics services and the use of our apps and online services (last name, first name, address, phone numbers, e-mail address, date of birth, form of address, etc.).
  • Your behavioural data collected through the use of our range of services: period of use (e.g. time stamp for the service opened or closed per page), content (e.g. use of the relevant services, product options, orders, quantitative data and sender categories for postal items received, etc.), spatial use (categorized per use of home address, use when travelling, use abroad).

We never use sensitive data (e.g. health and financial data you share with Swiss Post when using a service) or information which is protected by postal secrecy (e.g. consignment content).

Using the data and information available, we perform analyses such as probability calculations (affinity models, scorings) and profiling.

In order to support third parties in designing and developing their offers, services and marketing, we can share the anonymized and aggregated data (which do not allow any conclusions to be drawn about you as a person) with third parties.

You can withdraw your consent easily at any time in the Customer Center under My Profile / Login & Security / Data Usage. Upon receiving withdrawal of your consent, we only process your data as we would without your consent.

Post CH Ltd, August 2020.

  • Swiss Post may utilize my personal data from postal services that I use and provide me with information about interesting third-party offers.

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