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Accessibility at Swiss Post

The website is accessible to all

Since 2004, access for all has been required by the Federal Act on the Elimination of Discrimination against People with Disabilities (DDA) and is consistently implemented by Swiss Post.

This means, for example, that blind people can have content read to them by voice output software. Visually impaired people are able to display all text and images in any size. Furthermore, the contrast is optimized everywhere for good legibility. People with motor disabilities can navigate the website with alternative input methods or simply by using the keyboard. Those with hearing difficulties can easily follow videos on our website with the help of subtitles. More and more people with age-related conditions can also benefit from all of these improvements.

Certification as per WCAG 2.0 at level AA

Swiss Post implements the latest Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG 2.0) consistently. meets the international requirement for an accessible website set out in the W3C consortium’s WCAG 2.0 guidelines. We comply with the A and AA criteria, as well as the recommendations of the Confederation.

This was confirmed by the “Access for all” foundation in March 2016 with its award of the AA certificate for the domain

“Access for all” foundation

How to use the website

Access keys facilitate quick access to certain web pages and content via the keyboard. This is of great benefit to users who prefer using the computer keyboard instead of the mouse. Swiss Post incorporates this quick access and has adopted the access key assignment recommended by the “Access for all” foundation.

0 = Homepage
1 = Navigation
2 = Content
3 = Contact
4 = Site map
5 = Search
6 = Login

How the access keys work in various browsers

Internet Explorer: Alt key + access key number
Firefox: Alt key + shift + access key number
Chrome, Safari: Alt key + access key number

Mac OS X:
Safari, Firefox, Chrome: Ctrl key + alt key + access key number

Exceptions and improvements

Exceptions and improvements

Some content pages are not yet completely accessible. This applies especially to older applications or those with sophisticated programming. These will gradually be made accessible. Such applications or documents are marked accordingly and are not part of the area certified by “Access for all”.

Exceptions include:

  • Address management
  • Car configurator
  • Complex PDF documents such as the Annual Report and Financial Report
  • Create dispatch list
  • Create waybill
  • DirectCalendar
  • E-Post Office
  • E-Recruiting
  • Fleet management
  • Franking letters with barcode
  • MSC Carsharing
  • My Post 24
  • Online payment
  • PostCard Creator
  • Postcode search
  • PromoPost Manager
  • Questback survey tool
  • Secure Shop
  • SecureData
  • Sending newspapers
  • Shipping labels
  • Track consignments
  • WebStamp

Ongoing improvements

Technological progress allows ongoing adjustments to be made and online content accessibility is no exception in this respect. That is why Swiss Post has agreed to periodic quality controls and a permanent exchange of know-how with the “Access for all” foundation. Content is constantly being reviewed and will be made as accessible as possible as part of the next release.