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For Swiss Post staff

You can use your staff vouchers as a method payment at

Identification as a member of staff

To take advantage of this benefit, you must first identify yourself. Proceed as follows:

If you do not currently have a login:

  1. Select “Login” in the top right and create a new account via SwissID. Next, create a private account with Swiss Post and follow the registration process.
  2. When registering, please note that you must enter your first and last names as they appear on your staff ID card. You also need to provide your private address directly after registration.
  3. If your name and address have been entered as they appear in the Swiss Post database, you will be automatically asked to identify yourself as an employee using your employee number (see the back of your staff ID card) after entering your address.

You already have a login for but were not automatically asked for identification:

  1. Please contact Customer Service on +41 842 880 088.
  2. Please check first whether your login details match the details on your staff ID card. Also think about whether your staff ID number has changed. It’s important that you forward all information to the Customer Service staff so they can resolve the issue.

Reasons for unsuccessful registration as an employee:

  • You are registered as a business customer (staff activation is only possible using the private Swiss Post Customer Login).
  • You have several Swiss Post Customer Logins (you are already registered as an employee with another Swiss Post Customer Login).
  • You have entered a double name in the Swiss Post Customer Login but not in the Swiss Post database.
  • Your staff ID number has changed.

If you are unable to register, contact Customer Service by calling +41 842 880 088.

Redeeming staff vouchers

You can use your staff vouchers to pay for your orders. Proceed as follows:

Use staff vouchers as a payment method

  1. You can use your staff vouchers as a method payment at Click on “Login” in the top right to log in.
  2. Start the payment process, enter one or more staff vouchers in the “Voucher code” field and complete the payment process.
  3. If the order amount is smaller than the value of the voucher, your remaining credit will stay on your voucher until the end of the year. When making your next payment, you can simply re-enter the voucher number, and you can still redeem any remaining credit until 31 December 2024. We recommend making a note of the remaining credit on your voucher. The remaining credit can also be redeemed on a one-off basis either at a self-operated Swiss Post branch or on a PostFinance offer (excluding digital vouchers) until 31 December 2024.

Reasons for unsuccessful redemption of staff vouchers:

  • You are not yet registered as an employee.
  • You have already redeemed your staff vouchers.
  • Your staff vouchers are blocked.
  • Your staff ID number has changed.
  • You have entered the staff vouchers into the “Discount code” field and not in the next step under the “Voucher code” field.

If you are unable to redeem your staff vouchers, please contact Customer Service on +41 842 880 088. We will be happy to help you.

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