ePostal Solutions

ePost Solutions

Work and communicate securely all over the world.

Innovative and reliable solutions to secure your electronic communication: Swiss Post Solutions' high-tech products guarantee 100% protection from unauthorized access to your sensitive data and information.

In times in which sensitive information is increasingly sent via electronic channels it is essential to ensure secure electronic communication. This requires secure and unlimited access to information as well as absolute identity security in e-mail. Only the authorized persons should be able to access confidential information. Anytime and all over the world.

Secure communication for confidential information

Thanks to state-of-the-art technologies, Swiss Post Solutions' reliable security solutions offer many possible uses:

  • Secure access to services and unambiguous identification on the Internet
  • Simple and legally compliant electronic signatures on PDF documents
  • Send highly confidential e-mails securely by verified electronic mail
  • Access your physical mail from anywhere in the world

Swiss Post Solutions guarantees you the highest security standards and identity security for access to your e-mail and documents. You can access your physical mail anytime, from anywhere, providing you with greater independence and flexibility.

Swiss Post Solutions' certified and secure electronic communication solutions guarantee that you can work in confidence – anytime, from anywhere in the world.