Import customs clearance
Why do import consignments have to be cleared through customs and what costs are incurred?

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Do you want to pay import costs of up to CHF 100 conveniently online and decide when and where to receive your consignment? Register for the “My consignments” service free of charge.

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  • Every goods shipment from abroad must be registered and customs duties and VAT must be paid,
  • with the exception of postcards and letters with text messages (no goods value).
  • As the recipient, you pay VAT on the value of the goods (incl. shipping costs and services) and customs duties on the gross weight. Additional fees may apply, depending on the goods (e.g. for tobacco). Partial or complete exemption from customs duties (known as preferential conditions) may also be possible.
  • Gifts from private individuals abroad are duty-free up to CHF 100 (except alcohol and tobacco).
  • If consignments are incorrectly or insufficiently declared, customs clearance will not be able to be completed and the consignment will undergo a clarification process. As the recipient, we will notify you of this and ask you to provide the missing information via an online form.

Import customs clearance – value clarification
Report the details of your consignment online

The Federal Office for Customs and Border Security (FOCBS) requires information on imported goods for import consignments. The information required differs depending on the goods.

Report the details of your import consignment to us online:

Video: Customs clearance of import shipments (in German)

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The video shows how Swiss Post import consignments are received. For consignments that Swiss Post receives from the GLS network, there may be deviations.

How much does a customs, VAT and goods value supplement cost?
Prices for letters and parcels

Swiss Post customs clearance includes the import clearance of letters, parcels and EMS consignments arriving in Switzerland by mail or via the GLS networks. We take care of the customs formalities for you and offer appropriate value-added services.

Country of origin
Germany, France, Italy and Austria

Basic customs clearance fee

CHF 11.50

Country of origin
Other countries

Basic customs clearance fee

CHF 16

All prices in CHF, excl. VAT.

We also charge

  • A surcharge of 3% of the value of the goods (incl. shipping costs, services and customs duties)
  • VAT on the basis of the value of the goods (incl. shipping costs, services and customs duties)
  • Customs duties on the gross weight and, depending on the goods (such as tobacco), additional fees or preferential conditions may apply.

The maximum price for customs clearance is CHF 70.

Prices of value-addes services
Value-added services


General processing fee




Inspection, value clarification and storage
This fee is not applicable for response times of up to three working days.


Customs clearance of consignments that are subject to an order not prescribed by customs law


Import customs clearance preliminary agreement


Customs clearance of additional customs tariff numbers (ZTN)
(> 5 ZTN; surcharge for each additional ZTN)


Transit clearance


Transshipment clearance


Special clearance (ATA Carnet, etc.)


Provision of precious metals control (EMK)


Provision of CITES (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species


Provision of border veterinary examination (GTU)


Provision of plant protection


Customs correction requests


All prices in CHF, excl. VAT.

The services are part of the basis for assessing the import tax (VAT) levied by the Federal Office for Customs and Border Security (FOCBS). A calculation example can be found on the FOCBS website in the right-hand column.

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How to contact us

Postal Customs Clearance (letters and parcels)

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GLS (parcels)

Please call +41 848 48 48 47 or write to us

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