Private letter box and parcel box
Delivery of postal items to your home or company

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Swiss Post delivers consignments throughout Switzerland to all permanently inhabited areas: letters and small parcels in letter boxes/mailbox storage compartments, and larger consignments to the front door. In the case of apartment buildings, parcels can be delivered to parcel boxes if the recipients are not at home.

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The parcel box is the ideal solution for efficient parcel delivery for apartment buildings, building complexes and single-family homes.

  • Parcel boxes can be securely locked
  • Parcels of various sizes can be delivered directly
  • Collection from branches no longer necessary

Small goods consignments and any mailbox-compatible items, cash on delivery consignments and consignments requiring a signature will not be placed in the parcel box. Bulky parcels also have to be picked up from a branch.

What is a parcel box?

Parcel boxes are available on the market in various versions. Manufacturers recommended by Swiss Post adhere to the specifications and rules set by Swiss Post. Private letter boxes, mailbox storage compartments and parcel boxes are considered a single unit and must be positioned together.

To find out about products and how they work in detail, you can contact the manufacturers from the list provided below. 

Parcel boxes must be easily accessible to and operable by Swiss Post delivery staff, and ideally placed in the immediate vicinity of the doorbell and letter boxes (with non-lockable mailbox) and sheltered from the rain.

Because one parcel box is generally used for five to six households, parcel boxes must not be labelled with recipients’ names.

The manufacturer informs Swiss Post when a parcel box is installed.

Delivery to a parcel box:

If the parcel is too large for the private letter box storage compartment and the recipient is absent, then

  1. 1

    the parcel carrier opens a compartment in the parcel box, places the parcel inside and closes the compartment again.

  2. 2

    the recipient is informed by the relevant manufacturer’s system that a parcel is waiting for them in a parcel box compartment.

  3. 3

    the recipient opens the compartment and takes their parcel.

Delivery to storage compartments

Small goods consignments and parcels that fit into the private letter box storage compartment will still be placed there.

If the parcel box is full or the parcel is too large for the parcel box, a collection note will be issued and the consignment will need to be collected from a Swiss Post branch. The same applies to cash on delivery consignments and consignments requiring a signature.


Certain manufacturers provide the option of placing parcels in the parcel box for return shipping via pick@home. Details on this can be found on the manufacturers’ websites and at pick@home.

Manage delivery

Private customers have the option of directly managing all consignments addressed to their home via

There is also the option of collecting all consignments directly from an access point offering the PickPost service or at a My Post 24 terminal.

The standard solution for private households and companies

The mail carrier will put flat mail items in your letter box, while thicker letters and parcels will be put in your mailbox. Oversized parcels or mail items with confirmation of receipt will be handed over personally at your front door or in the reception area at your company premises.

  • Servicing of private letter boxes for private households and companies: Monday to Saturday
  • Larger consignments will be placed in mailbox storage compartments.
  • Oversized consignments will be handed over personally at your front door or in the reception area at your company premises. Recipients who are absent will be notified that there is a consignment awaiting collection. The same applies to items requiring proof of delivery.
  • In the case of large volumes of incoming mail, Swiss Post may require you to change your letter box accordingly.

Please refer to Swiss Post’s requirements with regard to location, design and size. Details can be found in the “Letter box” factsheet (in German) (PDF, 88.9 KB).