Private letter box and parcel box
Delivery of letters and parcels to your home or company

Swiss Post delivers letters and mail items to all permanently inhabited areas in Switzerland. The mail carrier places letters and small parcels in your letter box or mailbox, while larger items are handed over to you at your front door. An ideal addition for apartment buildings is the lockable parcel box: It enables parcels to be delivered efficiently – even when the recipients are away.

Private letter box

The standard solution for private households and companies

The mail carrier puts flat mail items in your letter box, while thicker letters and parcels are put in your mailbox. The handover of oversized parcels or mail items with proof of delivery takes place personally at your front door or in the reception area at your company premises.

  • Servicing of private letter boxes for private households and companies: Monday to Saturday
  • Larger consignments will be placed in mailboxes.
  • Oversized consignments will be handed over personally at your front door or in the reception area at your company premises. Recipients who are absent will be notified that there is a consignment awaiting collection. The same applies to items requiring proof of delivery.
  • In the case of large volumes of incoming mail, Swiss Post may require you to change your letter box accordingly.

Please refer to Swiss Post’s requirements with regard to location, design and size. Details can be found on the “Letter box” factsheet.

Parcel box

A lockable parcel box allows for direct delivery of parcels in all the usual sizes. It also means that if you are not at home, you generally don't need to go to the branch to collect the parcel. COD items or items delivered in return for signature are not left in parcel boxes. Likewise, bulky parcels have to be picked up from the branch.

The two sizes of parcel box available in various finishes are particularly suitable for apartment buildings. As a general rule, one large parcel box is installed for every five to six households.

How does the parcel box work?

The parcel carrier

  • places the parcel in the parcel box,
  • removes the badge from the parcel box,
  • locks the parcel box
  • and places the badge in the recipient’s letter box

The recipient

  • finds the badge in the letter box,
  • uses it to open the parcel box
  • removes the parcel
  • and puts the badge back in the parcel box.


All parcel box manufacturers use the same locking system. All locks are programmed by Swiss Post employees.


The prices for parcel boxes vary depending on the quantity, finish and provider. Contact a supplier from the list below directly. The batteries for the locking system need replacing roughly every three years. Swiss Post will exchange them in good time at a charge of approx. CHF 10 per parcel box.


The parcel box must be easily accessible to Swiss Post delivery staff, and ideally placed in the immediate vicinity of the letter box and sheltered from the rain.


Because one parcel box is generally used for five to six households, parcel boxes are not labelled with recipients’ names.

Manufacturer Address Contact
Ernst Schweizer Ltd Ernst Schweizer Ltd
Bahnhofplatz 11
8908 Hedingen

Tel. 044 763 62 73
Fax 044 763 64 30

Regazzi Ltd Regazzi Ltd
Zona industriale
Via alle Gerre
6596 Gordola

Tel. 091 735 66 00
Fax 091 735 66 99

Erwin Renz Metallwarenfabrik GmbH & Co KG Erwin Renz Metallwarenfabrik GmbH & Co KG
Boschstraße 3
DE-71737 Kirchberg / Murr

Tel. +49 7144 301 225
Fax +49 7144 301 185

SFS unimarket Ltd SFS unimarket Ltd
Mounting and Fittings
Wankdorffeldstrasse 88
3001 Berne

Tel. 0848 80 40 10
Fax 0848 80 40 70

Sennweidstrasse 1d
8608 Bubikon

Tel. 055 253 00 42
Fax 055 253 00 40

s: stebler s: stebler
kehrer stebler ltd
Südringstrasse 6
4702 Oensingen

Tel. 062 388 42 42
Fax 062 388 42 40

Tôlerie Industrielle de la Gruyère Ltd Tôlerie Industrielle de la Gruyère Ltd
Rue de l’industrie 18
1630 Bulle

Tel. 026 919 30 30
Fax 026 919 30 31

Size (D x W x H) Large: 40 cm x 80 cm x 55 cm
Small: 40 cm x 40 cm x 55 cm
Sheet metal quality DC03
Hinge EMKA 1117-U1
Quality per supplier specifications
Mounting per drawing
Lock system Stipulated by Swiss Post
Mounting per lock supplier specifications
Mounting material per lock supplier specifications
Surface properties, coating Powder coating, choice of textured paint
Net weight Large: 26 kg approx.
Small: 16.5 kg approx.
Load capacity 30 kg
Corrosion and weather proofing Powder coating


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