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Biological laboratory consignments are dangerous goods which could be harmful to people and the environment. Under certain conditions, Swiss Post transports medical samples intended for diagnostics purposes and biological consignments from the research industry via its letter or parcel channels.

Provided that medical samples and biological consignments do not contain any pathogens that cause life-threatening or severe illnesses with lasting adverse effects in healthy people and animals, they can be transported by Swiss Post. Swiss Post takes appropriate measures to ensure the legally compliant and safe transportation of such dangerous goods consignments and offers special services for these items in its letter channels.

The sender must categorically ensure that laboratory consignments are correctly classified, packaged and labelled and are permitted for transport via the chosen channel. For more information, please consult the factsheet.

  • Delivered to the recipient the next working day
  • Saturday delivery
  • Secure sending

Important information

Biological laboratory consignments are subject to legal guidelines for the shipping of dangerous goods consignments throughout Europe. Please read the information, labelling and packaging regulations regarding dangerous goods in the “Important information” section.

Delivery times

Delivery one working day after posting – including Saturdays.

Posting Delivery
Monday Tuesday
Tuesday Wednesday
Wednesday Thursday
Thursday Friday
Friday Saturday
Saturday Monday
Sunday (letter box) Monday

The day of delivery may vary due to general and regional public holidays.

In order to guarantee delivery on the next working day, biological laboratory consignments must be handed in at the branch counter by the usual close of business – but by no later than 6.30 p.m. (in the case of branches with longer opening hours). Posting: mail must be deposited before the last clearance of the letter box (see details on letter boxes).

For letters handed over or posted after the cut-off times, the following day will be deemed to be the day of posting.


Swiss Post assumes no liability.


Biological laboratory consignment

A consignment must be labelled with “LAB” to clearly identify it as a “biological lab consignment”. Transport as a consignment with special content.

Price up to B5

Up to 25 × 17.6 cm, 5 cm thick

1–250 g

Business reply label (GAS) biological laboratory consignment

The consignment must display the correct data matrix code for the “biological lab consignment” and the LAB label so that it can be clearly identified. Transport as a consignment with special content.

Price up to B5

Up to 25 × 17.6 cm, 2 cm thick

1–250 g

Price up to B5

Up to 25 × 17.6 cm, 5 cm thick

1–250 g

Price up to B4

Up to 35.3 × 25 cm, 2 cm thick

1–1000 g

All prices in CHF, incl. VAT

Larger or heavier consignments are deemed to be parcels.

The provisions for the transport of dangerous goods (ADR)Target not accessible and the legal regulations for packaging and labelling apply.

More about data matrix code and postal prepayment impression

All biological lab consignments will be delivered on the following day

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