SMS postage stamp
Easy, quick, at any time

Here’s how it works

  • Send an SMS with the text STAMP to 414.

  • Write the code you receive in the upper right-hand corner of the envelope.

  • Post your letter – and off it goes!

Are you on the go with no stamps at hand? Simply send an SMS with the text STAMP to 414. Note the code on the envelope and send the letter via A Mail. Easy, quick and at any time.

Important information

Formats and weight

SMS postage stamps are allowed only for standard domestic A Mail letters up to B5 format (25 × 17.6 cm), up to 100 g and up to 2 cm thick.

SMS postage stamps cannot be combined with other offers and are therefore valid only for a single standard A Mail letter. At present, all other forms of franking can only be purchased at branch counters or as a WebStamp.

Validity of the SMS code

The code is valid for ten days after receipt and can be used once for the payment of postage for a standard A Mail letter. 

Range of services

The SMS postage stamp service is available to all mobile subscription and prepaid customers, except UPC. Payment is made directly via the mobile provider. Items franked with an SMS postage stamp are transported and delivered in accordance with the services offered for A Mail letters.


SMS postage stamp
For standard domestic A Mail letters

The amount is debited directly via your mobile subscription or charged to your prepaid credit.

per SMS

All prices in CHF, incl. VAT