Military mail
Postage-free postal items for military personnel

Send private letter and parcel consignments to military personnel weighing up to 5 kilogrammes free of charge. Military personnel weighing up to 5 kilogrammes can also send personal and military consignments free of charge. Consignments of up to 30 kilogrammes from army headquarters are postage-free.

Correct addressing

In order for us to deliver your letters or parcels, you must address them correctly. Please provide the following information on your consignment:

  • Military rank, first name and last name
  • Precise designation of the unit, the staff, the school or the course
  • For a barracks address: barracks, postcode, town
  • For a field address: “Military” remark with the correct military code number on the last line

Useful to know: you can obtain information on military codes from the “Büro Schweiz”, tel. +41 31 381 25 25.


Field address Barracks address
Sdt Hans Meier
Inf Kp 13/1
Military 61114
Rekr Erich Müller
Pz RS 23–1
Kp 2, Zug 1
3609 Thun 


Overview of exemption from postage

Personal and military consignments to on-duty members of the armed forces may be sent postage-free by both private and business customers in accordance with the list below.

For off-duty members of the armed forces, postage-free delivery is limited to military items only. These are labelled with the remark “Military”.

Value-added services for letters
  • Registered, A Mail Plus
  • Personal delivery
  • Return receipt

Charges apply

Value-added services for parcels
  • Manual processing
  • Signature
  • Fragile, Assurance
  • Personal delivery
  • Saturday delivery

Charges apply

Swiss-Express “Moon”, SameDay, Courier
Including value-added services

Charges apply

Value-added services which are subject to a charge cannot be combined with free products.

Important information

All you need to know about field post

You can find more information on the Confederation’s “Field Post” website.