Military consignments
Postage-free mail items to and from military personnel

Swiss Post transports private letters and parcels weighing up to 5 kg to military personnel (without value-added services) free of charge. Private and official military consignments weighing up to 5 kg sent by military personnel (without value-added services) or consignments from army headquarters weighing up to 30 kg (incl. value-added services) are also transported postage-free.


  • Military rank, first name and last name
  • Precise designation of the unit, the staff, the school or the course
  • Remark “Military” with the correct military code number on the last line


Field address Barracks address
Sdt Hans Meier
Inf Kp 13/1
Militär 61114
Rekr Erich Müller
Pz RS 23-1
Kp2, Zug 1
3609 Thun

You can obtain information on military code numbers from “Swiss Office”, tel. +41 31 381 25 25.


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