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Swiss Post gives products and services in the development phase the early Label and tests them with interested customers. They actively help design these new products/services with their feedback.

What is the early Label?

  • New Swiss Post products and services are given the early Label and can be tested by interested customers even from the early stages of development. This customer feedback supports development processes which satisfy the needs of the market and customers.
  • Customer contact and support are provided directly by the development teams for the products and services with the early Label. This guarantees an intensive exchange of ideas with customers.
  • The availability of early services and products may be linked to special conditions, e.g. technical requirements, depending on their level of development.
  • All products and services featuring the early Label meet the basic requirements in terms of security, data protection and quality.

Below you can find an overview of our current early products and services.

Pay expenses online in advance
Receive parcels from abroad even when you’re not at home

Orders from abroad may incur expenses for customs and VAT, which need to be paid upon delivery. Swiss Post is testing a convenient solution using advance online payment. This means collection notes are no longer needed if the recipient is absent or wishes to pay in cash.

Responses to social issues

Discover stories and contributions on current issues – some inspiring, some moving, some informative. We don’t just want to be storytellers – we are also interested in hearing our customers’ opinions and ideas on these issues and look forward to having discussions with them.

Digital Inbox
Receive letters anywhere, anytime

This Swiss Post service enables SMEs to access their entire digitized mail inbox anytime and anywhere. The solution also provides companies with the option of distributing their mail individually by e-mail or feeding it into their internal network.

A drone in flight over Lugano.

Drones serving the healthcare sector

Swiss Post and drone manufacturer Matternet have been transporting lab samples for Swiss hospitals since 2017. Thanks to drones, these important consignments reach their destination more quickly and in a more efficient and eco-friendly manner compared to road-based couriers.

Directly from PDF to private letter box

It’s never been so easy to print and mail your advertising flyers: with Flyer-Service you can arrange this in just a few clicks. Swiss Post will deliver your flyers to the specified letter boxes and P.O. Boxes in the selected region.

Our promise:

Simple: a one-stop shop for printing and mailing

Fast: perfectly organized in just a few clicks

Reliable: punctual delivery guaranteed

Live ticker for amateur football

We at Swiss Post work together with municipalities, and aim to make communication easier for them and support digital progress. Organizations, such as sports clubs, are an integral part of community life. But municipalities haven’t yet found a good solution for sharing news and information about their live games. French start-up Score n'co has developed an application and website that may help. The app can be used to keep tabs on matches and competitions, particularly those in the amateur leagues, with users able to do live text commentary on games and take on the role of sports commentator.

New online access point for SMEs – simple, intuitive, ideal for SMEs

A new digital access point tailored to SMEs has been created. SMEs and their needs take center stage at www.swisspost.ch/sme. Entering the digital world and digital interaction have been made simpler thanks to intuitive and direct access.

As an SME, find the answers to your questions or online services relevant to you – simple, intuitive and above all, ideal for SMEs.

The new online access point for SMEs has been developed in conjunction with customers and will be continually optimized and developed. AS an SME, do you want to help optimize this access point? Let us know what you think about the new access point at www.swisspost.ch/sme and become part of the community.

Robi, your luggage assistant for the last hundred metres
Mobility made easy for passengers thanks to robot-assisted luggage transport from PostBus stops

PostBus presents a new service to make mobility easier for the last hundred metres you have to walk with your luggage between the stop and your accommodation. Robi is a robot that you can reserve via an app. It will wait for you at a public transport stop. You put your luggage on the robot and it follows you, step by step, to your final destination. That way you can travel without any worries!

Push of a button on a service-on-demand device.

Service on Demand
Facility management at the touch of a button

The “Service on Demand” service from Post Real Estate ensures facility management is targeted at where it is needed most. This means scheduled trips to crockery counters, file containers, vending machines, printers etc. are a thing of the past. At the press of a button, a notification is sent to facility management with the location and type of service currently needed.

Shop & Cross
Send consignments to the EU easily and securely

When sending small goods into the EU, Shop & Cross is a practical and secure solution. In just a few clicks, users can connect to any web shop and print out shipping labels for orders originating from the EU area. Reliable and automated customs clearance by Swiss Post is also integrated into the service.

Video support via smartphone

Support issues and damage are a nuisance for customers, making it all the more important that companies deal with such cases in a straightforward manner. Thanks to Video support via smartphone, Swiss Post can provide its business customers with the option to carry out a visual assessment directly via the customer’s smartphone camera.

A delivery robot from the front.

Transporting goods with autonomous vehicles and delivery robots

Autonomous delivery vehicles are ecological, available around the clock and can be used for a wide range of purposes. Swiss Post wants to find out the areas in which they offer benefits.

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