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Swiss Post gives products and services in the development phase the early Label and tests them with interested customers. They actively help design these new products/services with their feedback.

What is the early Label?

  • New Swiss Post products and services are given the early Label and can be tested by interested customers even from the early stages of development. This customer feedback supports development processes which satisfy the needs of the market and customers.
  • Customer contact and support are provided directly by the development teams for the products and services with the early Label. This guarantees an intensive exchange of ideas with customers.
  • The availability of early services and products may be linked to special conditions, e.g. technical requirements, depending on their level of development.
  • All products and services featuring the early Label meet the basic requirements in terms of security, data protection and quality.

Below you can find an overview of our current early products and services.

Woman with a small child getting into a PostBus

ScolaCar+ aims to transform the way children move for leisure.

Today, 50% of children are taken by car for their leisure trips. By offering an all-digital, on-demand bus system that groups children according to their destination, we aspire to drastically reduce car travel.In addition to existing public transport, the aim is to provide children under 12 with a simple and safe alternative to their extracurricular activities. Thanks to this service, families will be able to make their daily lives considerably lighter.

Offers for movers
New: in digital form

TV, Internet, a home office set-up, decoration, etc.: after a move, there is always a long list of new items to be bought and purchase decisions to be made. That’s why discounts and offers are particularly valuable at this time. New residents who notify Swiss Post of their change of address benefit from the “welcome post” service – including a booklet of vouchers containing interesting offers. Swiss Post is currently testing an online platform that makes additional offers available in digital form.

Smartphone with “My consignments” app

Additional information in “My consignments”
Precise time slot on the delivery day and real-time consignment tracking

We are enhancing “My consignments”. We are now able to provide you with much more accurate information about your parcel delivery time. You will receive additional notifications on the delivery day, and you can track your parcel in real time in the last few minutes before delivery. Thanks to the new functions, you get an even better idea of when your parcel will reach you. 

The new service will be available in more and more areas in Switzerland from June 2023. 

Test Autonomous self-service area
The self-operated 24/7 access points

A field test is being carried out at Place de la Gare 10 in 1003 Lausanne to determine whether the Swiss population will also accept a purely self-service solution in the postal sector. The access point is open 24/7 and is equipped with the self-service solutions available from Swiss Post.

Transporting goods with indoor robots and autonomous vehicles

Autonomous delivery vehicles are ecological, available around the clock and can be used for a wide range of purposes. Swiss Post wants to find out the areas in which they offer benefits.

Automatic voice recognition and recording in the Swiss Post Contact Center

In future, a voice and intent recognition system will be used in the Swiss Post Contact Center. This means we can save you having to switch between the telephone receiver and the telephone keyboard. This will help you to classify your query more effectively and will connect you directly with the right employee.

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