100 job profiles. Diverse teams. Numerous options.
Four facts about Swiss Post as an employer

Swiss Post relies on strong social partnerships and takes responsibility as an employer. It has negotiated collective employment contracts in all its core units and in those of its major subsidiaries.

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Around 47,000 staff. 140 nationalities. 100 professions.

Almost 50,000 people from just about every country in the world are shaping the future of Swiss Post and Switzerland. As Switzerland’s third-largest employer, the company not only offers more than 100 different professional profiles, but also provides an appreciative working environment, modern employment conditions and opportunities for further development.

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1,900 apprentices. 750 apprenticeships. 19 job profiles.

Swiss Post offers more than 750 apprenticeships each year – over 400 in logistics, and around 150 in the retail sector. More than 60 ICT apprenticeships a year are available for those with an interest in computer science. There are more than 1,900 apprentices working in 19 different job profiles at Swiss Post.

Over 1,100 staff in IT.

With over 1,100 staff in the Informatics unit, Swiss Post is the third-largest IT employer in Switzerland. From application managers to developers, solution architects, analysts and (cloud DevOps) engineers, you can find all kinds of roles! What are their tasks? Find out here

Is your curiosity as big as your enthusiasm for the latest technologies and frameworks?

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44 percent women. 23 percent at management level. And the number is growing all the time.

44 percent of all Swiss Post employees are women. The current proportion of women in management is 23 percent. Swiss Post wants to increase this percentage to 30 percent by 2024. It has committed itself to promoting the careers of men and women equally and facilitating good work-life balance for men as well as women, thereby initiating a shift away from entrenched gender roles.