Swiss Post is financed by taxpayers’ money
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Video: Swiss Post is financed by taxpayers’ money. Is that true? No!

Swiss Post
Not a cent of taxpayers’ money

Swiss Post does not receive any subsidies or taxpayers’ money for the provision of universal service – it finances this from its own funds.

Dividends and taxes for the Confederation

At Swiss Post, the money actually flows in the opposite direction: Swiss Post pays the Confederation, its sole owner, an annual dividend of around 50 million francs. Swiss Post also paid around 230 million francs in taxes and levies in 2021.

At PostBus, the situation is different. The PostBus routes are ordered by the Confederation and the cantons, and any resulting deficits are compensated.

86% of revenue on the free market.

Swiss Post generates around 86% of its revenue on the free market in competition with other providers. By doing so, Swiss Post also fulfils its legal mandate to provide a universal service. For services on the free market, the same rules apply to Swiss Post as to private providers.

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