Swiss Post only delivers letters and parcels
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Video: Swiss Post only delivers letters and parcels. Is that true? No!

Swiss Post is a diversified company
The sending of letters, parcels and money as well as passenger transport.

Letters and parcels are the backbone of Swiss Post, and that will remain so. But Swiss Post does not just transport consignments. It is active in five markets, which all contribute to the success of this diversified company:

Logistics Services is responsible for delivering letters and parcels,

Communications Services offers digital ecosystems where private individuals, SMEs and public authorities can network, access services and interact,

PostalNetwork handles branch operations,

Mobility ServicesTarget not accessible deals with the Postbuses and the transport market, and lastly,

the company’s financial business is the responsibility of PostFinanceTarget not accessible

Swiss Post is committed to sustainable growth so that it can continue to provide Switzerland with universal service funded from its own resources.

Self-propelled growth

Swiss Post’s growth is being achieved organically, for instance by benefiting from current market growth (e.g. e-commerce). Additionally, the company is also strengthening its position in defined markets, or diversifying its range of services to meet new customer needs (e.g. Swiss Post is also opening up its branches to cooperation partners).

Expanding its core competences

At the same time, Swiss Post is increasingly relying on inorganic growth – in other words, company acquisitions. In each instance, it is determined if the competencies required to meet our goals can be developed internally or obtained more efficiently through targeted acquisitions. This means that acquisitions always strengthen or expand Swiss Post’s core competencies and are critical to its success.

Swiss Post supports SIGVARIS GROUP with both national and international shipping. In the latter case, Swiss Post also takes care of the entire export process, including transport and complicated customs clearance procedures. For us, Swiss Post is like a trusted colleague: we discuss ideas together and turn to each other when faced with a problem. Our direct contacts are so focused in the way they think and act that it’s almost like they have internalized SIGVARIS GROUP itself.

Marino Serafini, Head of Supply Chain at SIGVARIS GROUP
Marino Serafini

Swiss Post focuses on one of the key stages of the process for recycling used Nespresso capsules, namely that of collecting the capsules. Thanks to its local network, it facilitates the entire process. There is a difference between selling a recyclable product and the recycling process itself. This difference lies in the availability of a sustainable collection network, which is what Swiss Post offers us. Without this partnership, recycling the aluminium capsules would be more difficult.

Jean-Luc Valleix, Managing Director of Nespresso Switzerland
Portrait Jean-Luc Valleix

As a long-time partner to Nespresso Switzerland, Swiss Post is responsible for collecting used Nespresso coffee capsules through the free“Recycling at Home” service offered by the brand, which aims to simplify the recycling of coffee capsules while also providing maximum convenience to its customers. The company’s Managing Director, Jean-Luc Valleix, discusses the partnership in our interview, and looks at what links the two companies.

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