Swiss Post does not focus enough on its core business
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Video: Swiss Post does not focus enough on its core business.Is that true?

Swiss Post is investing in tomorrow’s public service
Tailored to the needs of the public

For 170 years, Swiss Post has been about connecting people, indeed the reliable transportation of goods and information is in the company’s very DNA, so to speak, which is highlighted by its history. Yet society is becoming increasingly digital. Our lives have become more mobile, we are more flexible in when and where we work, and we do lots at the click of the mouse. Swiss Post wants to continue providing the entire Swiss population with the best possible service in future as well, and digital services and innovations are an integral part of the process.

Traditional strengths, innovative solutions

Swiss Post wants to guarantee the established principle of mail secrecy in the digital world, too. This is because handling sensitive data carefully, for instance relating to health and contact with authorities, will become even more important in the future. In response, it is building on its many years of experience as a trustworthy carrier of sensitive information – with new digital solutions for companies, public authorities and the general public.

Digital solutions
For efficient healthcare

Swiss Post firmly believes that the healthcare sector of the future will place citizens at the center and connect all parties involved in order to create joint benefits. It will play a key role in the introduction of the electronic patient record (EPR). This is because its e-health platform is essentially an engine for the core communities, i.e. EPR providers.

Swiss Post is involved in the field of digital health. It is doing this for the digital transformation of communication on a national level, and not only in the health sector, but everywhere. For everyone in Switzerland.

Carlos Garcia, ICT architect with Ente Ospedaliero (EOC) and chair of the core community e-Health Ticino (eHTI)
Carlos Garcia

Digital health data, robots in hospitals, doctor’s consultations in your own living room and much more. Futuristic pipe dreams, or already the early stages of progressive healthcare in Switzerland? Carlos Garcia explains.

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