“Avenir désirable” initiative
Help us shape the public service of tomorrow

Swiss Post wants to power modern Switzerland. What characteristics are needed for this? What would Swiss Post have to do? Especially when it comes to safeguarding and further improving the quality of life in Switzerland? The question of what a desirable future (“Avenir désirable”) for the country would look like – and what role Swiss Post would play in that vision – can only be answered by the people of Switzerland. That’s why Swiss Post is actively seeking a dialogue with the population at large.

Public service... what’s next?

Swiss Post has been connecting people for 170 years – reliable transportation of goods and information is part of the company’s DNA, as is shown by its history. Yet society is becoming increasingly digital. Our lives have become more mobile, we are more flexible in when and where we work, and we can achieve a great deal with the click of a mouse. Swiss Post wants to continue to offer all Swiss citizens the best possible public service in the future. But... what is this public service anyway?

Saskia Holzer and Yannis Däppen – Swiss Post ambassadors of the “Change Switzerland!” project in 2022, explain it to us:

Video Saskia Holzer and Yannis Däppen

  • What is important to you in the public service of the future?

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In dialogue with the population: