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Child tinkering

“Learning from the Earth” – children’s letter art competition

Children can do art too! And they can prove it by taking part in the design competition organized by Art Safiental and Swiss Post. The task is to design an original artistic envelope. The main prize is a family weekend in the Safiental.

More information about the competition and Art Safiental

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PostPac ART


The practical PostPac is available in various sizes at Swiss Post branches. The artistically designed PostPac ART packaging, which resulted from an invitation-based competition, has now been added to the range. Photographer Ester Vonplon impressed the jury with her “Singen Vögel im Schlaf” (Birds sing in their sleep) project proposal. Swiss Post’s commitment to art is making its mark on the everyday lives of the public through this first PostPac ART packaging.

More information about PostPac ART and the designer

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A completely natural and ‘living’ stamp

For this special stamp, artist Monica Ursina Jäger chose “Meadow” as the theme. “The design perfectly illustrates the overlap between the natural habitat and cultural achievement,” says the artist. This means that meadows are also suitable for art projects.

The print’s special feature is the colour used: it’s the first stamp ever printed with chlorophyll pigments – in other words the substance responsible for the green colour of plants. This means the stamp is completely natural and ‘living’. The green will change over time depending on the effect of light.

The stamp’s special printing process is shown in a short film. More information

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Swiss Post brochure x STUDIO Magazine

Hardly any members of the public know about Swiss Post’s art collection, and Swiss Post wants to change that. The art collection’s cooperation with the cutting-edge Swiss magazine, “STUDIO”, is the first step in this direction. “STUDIO MAGAZINE” is aimed at a young and trend-conscious audience with an interest in photography, styling, fashion, design and art. It is precisely this target group that we want to surprise by providing an insight into Swiss Post’s art collection. The April 2021 edition of “STUDIO MAGAZINE” includes a special brochure which presents selected works by young artists from Swiss Post’s collection.

Are you interested in the special brochure? If so, send your contact details to Our Art Department will be pleased to send you a copy.

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A clear message to the art world

A blank canvas? Isn’t there a design missing? What is Swiss Post trying to tell us with this special stamp – which is undoubtedly the right name for it? The answer to the puzzle is as striking as it is obvious.

Canvas is the classic backcloth for paintings and, as such, has come to symbolize art in general. Because it’s blank, it represents art not yet created – perhaps due to a lack of funding. Swiss Post has been promoting and collecting contemporary art since 1924.

Switzerland has never had a stamp made purely of canvas before. That’s why a making-of film was also produced for this very special stamp.