Customs clearance and import regulations
Useful information about importing and exporting


What are the regulations applicable to the import and export of consignments? How expensive are the customs duties for import? Which accompanying documents do you need? Are there any traffic restrictions? Get an overview of all of the relevant factors in the international transport of goods.

FAQs about exports

A list of FAQs about exports, customs, declarations, VAT and import/export provisions for export businesses.

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FAQs about imports

A list of FAQs about imports, VAT, customs, customs clearance and customs declarations/duties for importers.

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Import customs clearance prices

Price overview of costs incurred for import customs clearance of consignments containing goods (small goods, goods; Swiss Post, EMS, Hermes, Swiss Post GLS).

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Consignments at customs
Background information on the process

Video: Consignments at customs