FAQs about exports: customs and VAT
Answers to FAQs on essential export topics

This overview provides you with answers to FAQs about customs and export declarations, import and export regulations as well as assessment provisions.

Customs and export declarations, import and export regulations and sending cash

Consignments are often stored in a local customs office in the country of destination either because the recipient is responsible for customs clearance or the content declaration is insufficient for the foreign customs office.

Generally, the customs office notifies the recipient if this is the case. If this is not the case, you can contact your branch or the relevant customs office directly as the recipient.

If this still does not produce the desired outcome, or if the recipient does not know which customs office to call, please contact us. We will then ask the foreign postal administration for more detailed information and clarify what subsequent steps you should take.

The customs declaration (CN 23) is used for the goods declaration for letter mail up to 2 kg if the value of the goods exceeds CHF 400.00 or if the sender does not wish to disclose the effective value of the goods to the recipient on the customs declaration (CN22). The sender, recipient and contents information must be entered electronically.

Swiss Post provides various online services for data entry free of charge. For data entry for individual consignments by our counter staff, we charge CHF 3.00 per consignment.

The customs declaration (CN 22) is used for the goods declaration up to CHF 400.00 for letter mail up to 2 kg. The sender, recipient and contents information must be entered electronically.

Swiss Post provides various online services for data entry free of charge. For data entry for individual consignments by our counter staff, we charge CHF 3.00 per consignment.

You can find out about import and export regulations here:

  1. Online at www.swisspost.ch/info-int under “Import regulations”
  2. On the customs website at www.zoll.ch
  3. From the various customs offices in Basel (+41 61 201 22 22), Zurich (+41 44 242 26 10) and Geneva (+41 22 717 77 30)
  4. From the embassies or consular offices in the different countries

Only use the export declaration for letter mail up to 2 kg and complete it in accordance with the following illustration:

  1. Sender’s name and address
  2. Recipient’s name and exact address
  3. Recipient’s phone number
  4. Type of content
  5. Type and number of the goods certificate (EUR.1)
  6. Number of the export approval and date of issue
  7. Tick if a commercial invoice is enclosed (and possibly indicate the invoice number)
  8. Quantity and unit of each item enclosed
  9. Precise description of the contents
  10. Value of the goods enclosed in CHF
  11. Net weight
  12. Tariff number and key (only for commercial consignments)
  13. Country of origin of the goods
  14. Total value of the goods
  15. Gross weight of the consignment
  16. Postage costs
  17. Remarks
  18. Date and sender’s signature

The export declaration for URGENT and PostPac International consignments is an integral part of the waybill. You must therefore not fill them out individually.

Consignments containing cash are not permitted in international postal traffic. In the event of loss or theft, Swiss Post declines all liability (see Swiss Post’s General Terms and Conditions “Postal Services”; sections 2.6 and 4.4.2).

For this reason, please use the PostFinance products for money transfers (Cash international, Giro international, etc.). You can obtain information about this directly via the PostFinance hotline or the e-mail address provided:

Tax assessment decisions

The electronic assessment decision (eVV) is a proof of customs clearance issued by the Federal Customs Administration.

To obtain an electronic assessment decision (eVV) for customs clearance goods, use the “electronic customs clearance documents” (eCCD) online service. You can then save the eVV on your own IT infrastructure and print it out when necessary.

Companies liable for VAT are obliged by the Swiss Federal Tax Administration (FTA) to keep an electronic copy of the assessment decision for eleven years (ten years + current year).

If you register a good for export electronically via e-dec Export, the electronic assessment decision is returned to the relevant customer tool. In this case, the eVV cannot be obtained via the www.swisspost.ch/ecd platform.

The electronic assessment decision is unnecessary when exporting items that are not subject to any permit obligations and have a value of up to CHF 1,000. In such cases, companies registered with the Federal Tax Administration (FTA) as legal entities liable for VAT can prove the export to the FTA as follows: with the dispatch list / dispatch receipt from Swiss Post and the relevant business documents (e.g. order, invoice copy, delivery contract, payment slip).

For the following products, an electronic assessment decision is available:

  • PRIORITY and ECONOMY letters
  • PostPac International PRIORITY and ECONOMY
  • Swiss Post GLS parcels
  • EMS parcels

As a rule, the electronic assessment decisions (eVV) are ready within 72 hours of successful customs clearance.

In principle, all natural or legal entities that export or import goods in Switzerland and the Principality of Liechtenstein are entitled to an eVV.

Storing and obtaining tax assessment decisions

You can make your request by phone to the customer service for postal customs clearance or Swiss Post GLS:

  1. 1.If Swiss Post has issued the customs declaration: free download at www.swisspost.ch/ecd or from the postal customs clearance customer service by phone or Swiss Post GLS. If you have executed an export declaration via e-dec export: the eVV is generally sent back to the system via which you submitted the declaration. If you have not received the eVV, you must contact the Federal Customs Administration.
  2. If no customs declaration has been submitted for a shipment, Swiss Post makes a request to the customs administration for a retroactive assessment decision. This is then delivered to you free of charge, on condition that the customs office accepts the request.
  3. The following conditions must be satisfied in order to request a retroactive assessment decision:
  4. a) Swiss Post has processed the consignment.

    b) The processing date for the consignment may not be more than 60 days in the past.

    c) The goods value of the consignment is at least CHF 1,000.

    d) You have a commercial invoice (copy) which confirms the information.

    e) An original receipt is available for import customs clearance in the foreign country or confirmation from the Swiss embassy or similar representative office abroad that the goods are in the country in question.

Electronic assessment decisions (eVV) are generally available in electronic form within three working days of customs clearance. From this time, the eVV is either available for download or you receive it by e-mail.

The eVVs remain available to the sender free of charge for multiple download for a period of three months after customs clearance at www.swisspost.ch/ecd.

If the goods were exported more than three months ago, please the customer service. It will provide you with the electronic assessment decision you are entitled to in exchange for an administration fee.

In principle, there are three means of obtaining the electronic assessment decision:

  • Download from the website www.swisspost.ch/ecd
  • Delivery by e-mail (only for exports with PostPac International and only if the waybill was created using one of Swiss Post’s electronic tools and the sender’s e-mail address was explicitly recorded)
  • Ordering from the customer service (by phone or e-mail; for unregistered letter mail, this is the only means of obtaining the required document) 

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