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Order sheets of stamps or pre-franked envelopes – free delivery

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Create, print and pay for stamps online

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Barcodes and labels

Order your consignment barcodes and shipping labels easily online.

The consignment barcode is the identifying characteristic of a consignment and the basis for invoicing and track and trace.

Incidentally, you can create and print domestic parcel labels conveniently online.

This is a service for business customers with a billing relationship.

Letter crate filled with letter post

Packaging and containers

Order packaging and containers online for letters and parcels of all sizes - including shipments with special requirements.

  • Empty containers
  • Dispoboxes
  • ThermoCare Boxes
  • Seals and sealing labels
  • Etc.

Rich Content Section

Brochures, forms and stickers
Order online

In the DocuCenter, you can find:

  • Brochures, e.g. price lists
  • Forms, e.g. barcode lists, export declaration 
  • Stickers, e.g. customs declaration CN22, value-added service stickers such as Fragile, Bulky goods, Swiss-Express “Moon”, etc.
  • Shipping material, e.g. document pouches 
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Shopping with postage-free delivery

We deliver items from the following areas within 48 hours:

  • Stamps & philately
  • Packaging, e.g. cardboard boxes for parcels
  • Office material, stationery
  • Photo service, e.g. albums
  • Digital & multimedia, e.g. smartphones, printer cartridges, cables, credits
  • Gift vouchers
  • Practical travel and leisure accessories
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Teaching materials on the subject of Swiss Post
PostDoc school service

Professionally produced teaching materials for all levels:

  • Kindergarten
  • Lower school
  • Middle school
  • Upper level
  • High school