Print media
Professional distribution of newspapers and magazines

With its comprehensive all-round service, Swiss Post handles print media distribution as well as other tasks in production and marketing. Outsourcing print media distribution enables you to focus entirely on your core publishing business.

With Swiss Post, the distribution of newspapers and magazines is in good hands. Outsourcing your print media distribution enables you to focus the investment of your resources on the quality of your newspapers and magazines. Offering a wide range of services, Swiss Post serves as the link between your publishing company and its readers. Support for the sale of print media covers distribution, production, marketing and sales. Swiss Post guarantees a reliable and professional service.


Daily delivery of newspapers in Switzerland

Swiss Post distributes daily newspapers reliably and on time throughout Switzerland.

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Early delivery of daily newspapers in Switzerland

Swiss Post delivers subscription newspapers early in the morning: by 6.30 a.m. on working days and by 7.30 a.m. on Sundays.

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Press International

Swiss Post helps publishers in Switzerland with all matters related to international press distribution.

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Comprehensive print media distribution service

Complete press distribution solutions from Swiss Post: subscription creation, production, special delivery and large-scale newspaper shipments from a single source.

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Publication solutions

Publication solutions are Swiss Post’s range of outsourcing services for the publishing of printed and digital media of all kinds.

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All you need to know

Preparing newspaper consignments
Optimum preparation for trouble-free shipping