“pick@home” online service
Arrange online for Swiss Post to pick up your parcels

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Would you like to save time by not having to go to the post office? With the “pick@home” online service, you can arrange for Swiss Post to pick up your return parcels from your home or office conveniently online.


Login / registration

You need to register at the Swiss Post Customer Center to use the “pick@home” online service.

Technical requirements

  • Common Internet browser (e.g. Internet Explorer, Firefox etc.)
  • JavaScript functionality (recommended)
  • PDF reader (e.g. Adobe Reader or similar)
  • If you need to print paper copies, you will need a printer

pick@home for smartphone

Manage pick@home with your smartphone

Manage the smart pick@home collection service when on the go. You can easily enter collection orders using the Post-App. The Post-App is available for iPhones and Android smartphones.


Business reply label items (GAS)

Shipping is free of charge for you. The mail order companies cover all the costs.

Return label beginning with 99.01

You get a price reduction of CHF 1.50 on the published list prices.

Without existing label

You pay the normal postage for parcel post plus a collection fee of CHF 4.50 per parcel. The label must however be produced via Domestic parcel labels.

Additional optional services

Collect from an upper floor: CHF 3.30
Notify by telephone: CHF 5.40
Bring packaging: CHF 15.00
All prices incl. VAT

Please note that prices apply to private customers. You can find the prices for business customers at Retrieval of parcels for business customers.