You ensure the solution is faster than the problem.

Call center agent

As a call center agent, you are the first point of contact for all telephone and written enquiries from customers. Customer service is at the heart of the company, and as a specialist, you will be in the thick of the action. Linguistic skills are required and promoted. 


You must have completed the highest or middle level of secondary education to apply for this apprenticeship. You’ll also:

  • Enjoy contact with people and possess strong communication skills
  • Enjoy and have a flair for French
  • Be independent and responsible
  • Be willing to learn new things

Training and vocational school

The apprenticeship lasts for three years. During this time, you’ll get to know the Contact Center and its requirements, as well as the products and services offered by the various units. You’ll answer questions and deal with customer queries over the phone and via cutting-edge communications systems. You’ll acquire the necessary theoretical knowledge at vocational school and on intercorporate and internal courses.

Swiss Post offers apprenticeships in Fribourg, Kriens, Schaffhausen and Visp, and at PostFinance’s Contact Center in Bienne.

Further education

After successfully completing your apprenticeship, you’ll have lots of further training opportunities open to you, with or without the vocational school-leaving certificate. These include:

  • A vocational diploma or a higher vocational qualification, such as the Contact Center Supervisor Federal Diploma or the Communications Manager Diploma
  • A qualification from a professional education institution, e.g. as a marketing manager
  • A Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in business and management

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