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Will you soon be saying goodbye to school and hello to the world of work? Discover your dream job at Swiss Post by doing a taster apprenticeship. We’ll help you through the application process with advice and documentation to put you on the path to the right apprenticeship.

I’m in the 7th grade

It’s still a little bit too early for a taster apprenticeship. You are welcome to attend one of our information events or a careers fair.

I’m in the 8th grade

You’ve already considered various careers and training opportunities and compared your interests and strengths with the entry requirements.

I’m in the 9th/10th grade
(11H/transition options)

You’re in your final year at school, which means you’ll soon be entering the world of work.

Why do a taster apprenticeship?

In the 8th grade, you can do a taster apprenticeship to check out jobs and training opportunities to help you to make a career choice. We offer taster apprenticeships in a wide range of careers. These last between one and three days, depending on the profession. During this time, you’ll gain an insight into your dream career as well as an understanding of what the jobs involve and what Swiss Post does. To provide you with a full insight, you’ll find out about various jobs and roles, look over the shoulder of trainees and get the chance to chat with them. This’ll allow you to take a close look at the many different tasks performed by trainees and to find the right apprenticeship for you. Found your dream job at Swiss Post? Then find out about our apprenticeship vacancies on the job portal and join the yellow world.

Apply for a taster apprenticeship now.

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Questions on Swiss Post’s working environment

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