Your training at Swiss Post
Achieve your goal step by step

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Soon you’ll be saying goodbye to school and hello to the world of work. Are you in the middle of your job application process and are unwilling to leave anything to chance? Our useful tips and documents will help you to find an apprenticeship.

We wish you the best of luck and are looking forward to getting to know you soon.

We’re delighted you are interested in a taster apprenticeship at Swiss Post. We offer taster apprenticeships in a wide range of careers. These last between one and three days, depending on the profession. During this period, we provide an insight into the career you’re interested in and help you to find the right apprenticeship for you.

What grade are you currently in? You’ll find further information under your school year.

I’m in the 7th grade

You’re currently in the process of finding out about various training opportunities and are assessing as many options as possible. It’s still a little bit too early for a taster apprenticeship. You are welcome to attend one of our information events or a careers fair. The list containing all events and the option of registering directly for an information event can be found here.

I’m in the 8th grade

You’ve already considered various careers and training opportunities and compared your interests and strengths with the entry requirements.

You can apply for a taster apprenticeship via the linked form – we simply require your last two school reports, your CV and the completed form. We’ll assess your documents, and if you’re suitable, we’ll organize a placement in your region.

I’m in the 9th or 10th grade

You’re in your final year at school, which means you’ll soon be entering the world of work. Apply for an apprenticeship in your region right now by submitting the usual documents.