Debt collection documents
Delivery of orders to pay or bankruptcy notices

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Delivery of debt collection documents, such as orders to pay and bankruptcy notices, is exclusively intended for debt collection and bankruptcy offices. 

  • Return of the creditor duplicate to the debt collection office with proof of delivery and legal proposal where applicable 
  • Track & Trace optional with electronic data exchange
  • Can be combined with legal documents with special delivery
  • The “Debt collection documents – print and pack” value-added service is available as process support

Who is this service for? Preconditions

The “debt collection document” service is intended exclusively for debt collection and bankruptcy offices

Important information

Delivery to domicile addresses is on the next working day after posting (excluding Saturdays).

Posting  Delivery
Monday Tuesday
Tuesday Wednesday
Wednesday Thursday
Thursday Friday
Friday Monday
Saturday Monday

The day of delivery may vary due to general and regional public holidays.

Debt collection documents must comply with the electronic debt collection and bankruptcy standard (eSchKG) of the Swiss Federal Office of Justice and carry the barcode for debt collection documents. Barcodes for subsequent shipping (e.g. as registered mail) are not permitted. Orders to pay must be folded in A5 format (148 x 210 mm) and handed in together in envelopes or folders. The envelopes must be sorted by postcode and addressed as shown in the following example:

Post CH Ltd
Delivery office
Debt collection documents
9999 Musterhausen

The franking or postage paid impression (PP) is affixed to the envelope or folder. For IFS franking, one collective franking per envelope will suffice.

Consignments are identified using the barcode for debt collection documents (DD). Barcode stickers can be requested free of charge using the “Order barcodes & shipping labels” online service.

A barcode sticker must be placed on the debtor duplicate above the delivery address (= address of the debtor, their legal representative or guardian).

Place a barcode sticker on the creditor duplicate above the return address (= address of the debt collection office).

Fold the debt collection document to A5 size; the debtor duplicate with the delivery address must be on top in each case.


When sending debt collection documents, take advantage of the numerous posting options and services provided by Swiss Post. Always enclose barcode list 21 or 23 or the “DataTransfer” delivery note with debt collection documents. You will be sent the stamped duplicate In the event of a claim for compensation, this serves as proof of posting.

To track consignments via your special application, take advantage of a smooth exchange of information with the “DataTransfer” dialogue platform. This helps you improve the efficiency of your work processes, as all the necessary mailing documents are created automatically. For the installation and creation of debt collection documents with “DataTransfer”, please refer to the instructions. For implementation, please contact your software supplier.

You can check the current status of debt collection documents at any time using the “Track consignments” online service.

In the event of loss, damage or incorrect delivery, Swiss Post will cover damages up to a maximum of CHF 500.00. In the event of later delivery, liability is limited to the transport cost.

Bankruptcy offices may request postal interceptions of mail deliveries during bankruptcy proceedings. Send the individually prepared, temporary redirection order directly to the debtor’s delivery point. After the order has expired, you have the option of extending the redirection for a period of twelve months with a paid order.

The “Withdrawal of legal documents” service for the “court documents” and “debt collection documents” shipping options is available for courts and debt collection offices. By means of a withdrawal order, it is possible to withdraw legal documents which have been erroneously posted or collected from the office and which are already in the processing procedure at Swiss Post. You can find further information on the service in the “Withdrawal of legal documents” factsheet.

Debt collection documents are not delivered to members of the armed forces while on active service.

Documents will only be forwarded outside the debt collection district at the express request and with the explicit order of the debt collection office. Please use the cover sheet “Delivery of debt collection documents outside debt collection district". Documents cannot be delivered to poste restante, My Post 24 terminals, third-party PickPost points, Swiss Post Box or foreign addresses.

If debt collection documents cannot be delivered to the domicile address or P.O. Box, Swiss Post notifies the recipient that they may be collected within the next seven days from the nearest self-operated branch (no subsidiaries with partner). Once this deadline has expired, Swiss Post returns the consignment to the debt collection office or directly to the delivery staff.

If you would like Swiss Post to carry out further delivery attempts after the deadline, the special delivery of legal documents service is the optimal solution.

If the recipient (debtor) has an active “Retain mail” order that covers more than seven days, the debt collection documents will be returned immediately to the debt collection office with a corresponding remark.

If the recipient has submitted a forwarding order with an address outside the debt enforcement district, Swiss Post immediately returns the debt collection document to the debt collection office with a corresponding remark.


Acte de poursuite (AP)
Avec renvoi du double destiné au créancier à l’office des poursuites ou renvoi de l’acte de poursuite en cas d’échec de la tentative de distribution


Postal interception by bankruptcy agency


All prices in CHF, including VAT

Price benefits on addressed letters

As a business customer, correctly prepared letter volumes will see you benefit from price reductions and discounts. Because by doing so, you contribute to efficient processing.

Value-added services

Debt collection documents – print and pack
Centralized printing, packing and sending by Swiss Post


+ 0.65 / debt collection document

All prices in CHF, including VAT

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