Debt collection documents
Delivery of orders to pay or bankruptcy notices

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Delivery of debt collection documents, such as orders to pay and bankruptcy notices, is exclusively intended for debt collection and bankruptcy offices.

  • Return of the creditor duplicate to the debt collection office with delivery notification and legal proposal where applicable
  • Track & Trace optional with electronic data exchange
  • Can be combined with the “Legal documents with special delivery” solution
  • The “Debt collection documents – print and pack” value-added service is available as process support

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Who is this service for? Preconditions

The “debt collection document” service is intended exclusively for debt collection and bankruptcy offices

Important information


Acte de poursuite (AP)
Avec renvoi du double destiné au créancier à l’office des poursuites ou renvoi de l’acte de poursuite en cas d’échec de la tentative de distribution


Postal interception by bankruptcy agency


All prices in CHF, including VAT

Price benefits on addressed letters

As a business customer, correctly prepared letter volumes will see you benefit from price reductions and discounts. Because by doing so, you contribute to efficient processing.

Value-added services

Debt collection documents – print and pack
Centralized printing, packing and sending by Swiss Post


+ 0.65 / debt collection document

All prices in CHF, including VAT

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with special delivery

With the “Legal documents with special delivery” solution, you have another option if the mail carrier is unable to deliver the consignment and the seven-day deadline for collection at the counter has expired.

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Track consignments
Check the status of consignments online

“Track consignments” offers both senders and recipients key information about the status of their consignments.

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“pro clima” shipment

The CO2 emissions for all Swiss Post mailing products will be offset at no extra charge for you.

Swiss Post is not only reducing CO2 – for example, through its use of electric vehicles – but also offsetting carbon emissions in its delivery of all PromoPost consignments by investing in high-quality climate protection projects.

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