Upstream services for letter processing
Optimizing postage for large mailings

Swiss Post recognizes upstream services carried out by business customers by offering discounts. There is potential for savings in preliminary sorting and posting – on every large mailing.

For large mailings, postage is a key budget consideration. However, it is possible to lower costs considerably by adding upstream services. You decide which upstream services your company wishes to use when posting addressed consignments – and thus determine how much you can save on the next large mailing.

Optimize your shipping costs with the following upstream services.It is possible to combine these two upstream services.

  • Sorting discount – for preliminary sorting by location, P.O. Box or mail carrier district (from 3,000 consignments)
  • Pallet discount – for palletization according to location and routing area (starting from format B5, over 100 g and from 10,000 consignments)
  • Location discount – for delivering your consignments to one of our letter or logistics centers (from 10,000 consignments)

Detailed information on the conditions, eligible consignments and price reductions can be found in the “Upstream services” factsheet.

Commencement of discount: 19.10.2020

End of discount: 31.12.2020

Location discount now available in Untervaz

From 19 October 2020, there will a location discount when delivering your letter consignments to the regional parcel center in 7204 Untervaz. The letter logistics center in 7000 Chur will no longer offer a location discount from this date. More information can be found under “Acceptance points for letters with sorting and location discount” by clicking on the button above.


Bulk Mailing Manager
The software solution for the preliminary sorting of consignment volumes

Do you regularly mail addressed bulk mailings for your customers containing more than 3,000 copies with Swiss Post? With our Bulk Mailing Manager software, your customers save on postage while you spend less time preparing the mailings.

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