Bulk Mailing Manager
The software solution for the preliminary sorting of consignment volumes

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The Bulk Mailing Manager is a user-friendly piece of software that compares your customer address files with the current Swiss Post reference data in order to optimize posting.

The duplicate matching function helps you avoid sending unnecessary mail items while the integrated creation of Letter ID ensures the desired returns management.

Your software is installed on-site. This means that no customer data need be sent to Swiss Post.

Here’s how it works

The Bulk Mailing Manager makes calculations based on the size and weight details of the mailing you provide and determines the shipping price after the address file is uploaded. Discounts for district, P.O. Box and locality bundles are deducted directly, just as they are with the location and pallet discount. This helps your customers achieve optimum transparency while you can prepare the mailing in the best way possible.

The optional shipment-optimized address update service you to also check addresses for address corrections, movers’ files and duplicates.

You can also use the handy product assistants which will support you in choosing the most suitable Swiss Post product.

You can store individual customer data; projects generated will automatically be assigned to the respective customer. This ensures you never lose track. You receive a production file with all the information on bundles and pallets, including a choice of identification marks. The Bulk Mailing Manager knows the current postal regulations and perfectly prepares your mailing for posting. You can create all the forms and lists required when posting faster than ever before. You generate the delivery note directly in the software without needing to log in to the Swiss Post customer portal.

Data import supports all common formats: xls, xlsx, csv, txt.


Swiss Post provides you with the Bulk Mailing Manager software free of charge. Registration is required prior to installation. Please contact your Swiss Post personal customer advisor or get in touch with us.

Who is this service for? Preconditions

You require an address management customer number (AMP) from Swiss Post to use the Bulk Mailing Manager software as a mailer (deliverer). You can apply for a billing relationship under “My Profile”.

Once you have contacted us, your customer advisor will get in touch with you to discuss all other steps with you.

For information on installing and using the Bulk Mailing Manager software, please see the installation instructions (PDF, 1.1 MB) and user manual (PDF, 1.4 MB).

You require a billing relationship with Swiss Post to use the Bulk Mailing Manager software as a sender (client).

You also need a franking licence to use this option. To obtain one, please contact your Swiss Post customer advisor directly or use the contact form.

The basic requirements are a computer with administrator rights and an MS-SQL express database.

Technical requirements for using the software:

  • Windows operating system
  • MS SQL Express
  • Spare hard drive capacity: at least 1 GB

Do you need support in registering and setting up the Bulk Mailing Manager software? If so, please contact your customer advisor or get in touch with us using the contact form.


No, there is no need to transfer the address file to Swiss Post for the sorting process. If instead you choose to update the address before posting, the data is then sent to Swiss Post.


The software and support from Swiss Post are provided free of charge. You only incur the costs for any external IT support required by you during software installation.


In the Bulk Mailing Manager, you can apply a shipment-optimized address update and check the addresses for address corrections, movers’ files and duplicates. To perform a full deliverability check on the addresses, please use Swiss Post’s address maintenance solutions.

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