Response and returns

Optimize responses and returns easily: cover your customers’ postage costs for reply mail to increase response to your consignments. And minimize letter returns by putting a Letter ID on your letters. By using this identification and management tool, returns are processed efficiently.

Reply labels

Business reply labels

  • Your domestic customers can reply to you free of charge 
  • You pay only for the reply items that are actually returned
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Reduce and manage your returns

  • Undeliverable item
  • Refused item
  • Uncollected item
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Mailing integrated
DirectResponse Card

  • Mailing and reply card in one
  • Complete cost transparency thanks to a unit price
  • of 50 items
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Managing returns efficiently
Manage and reduce returns

  • Track the individual consignments at any time throughout the entire process.
  • Avoid undeliverable items.
  • Manage your returns. For example, you can receive them digitally, redirect them or have them disposed of immediately.
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