Global Response
Pre-franked reply items for international customers

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The pre-franked international reply service is a simple way of keeping in contact with your customers around the world. Thanks to Global Response, your target customers can respond to your mailshots quickly, simply and free of charge. You cover the cost of postage – of course, only for the items that are actually sent back.

Service and features

Global Response is a globally standardized, so can be used worldwide. Any customer replies are sent to your business address as PRIORITY items. The reply item is generally a card that is included with a newspaper or as part of a mailing. An envelope can also be used for confidential or larger contents.


Global Response is only available in combination with the International documents shipping option.

Global Response is a service for business customers who have a billing relationship with Swiss Post.
I do not currently have a billing relationship with Swiss Post and wish to set one up.

Maximum weight

Max. 1,000 g for the following countries: Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Estonia, Finland, France, Greece, Great Britain, Ireland, Iceland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Norway, Austria, Poland, Romania, Sweden, Switzerland, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Czechia and Hungary (subject to change).

Max. 50 g for all other countries.

Minimum quantities



Global Response consignments
A simple response element for intensive customer retention abroad

Value-added service

Surcharge on the list prices for International documents – “Individual item”

Global Response consignments with data matrix code (DMC)

+ 0.10 per consignment

Prices in CHF. VAT-free

Only consignments that have actually been returned are charged. Convenient payment with monthly invoice.

Designing, packaging and addressing

Pre-franked international reply mail is subject to the same conditions as other letter mail. Please take note of the special franking zone in the Global Response template. In order to ensure the delivery runs smoothly, please obtain a final proof from our specialist staff before production starts.

Creating letters correctly

Creating letters according to Swiss Post guidelines is an important requirement for ensuring punctual processing and delivery.

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Packaging and enveloping letters

Packaging letters and mailings in accordance with Swiss Post’s recommendations protects the contents and allows for efficient processing. Letters and mailings reach the recipient intact.

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Addressing consignments correctly

Instructions on affixing address labels and addressing consignments correctly.

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Special items

Special items attract plenty of attention. A special mailing or a special letter in an unusual design attracts the recipient’s attention.

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Final proof

The free Swiss Post final proof is a reliable solution for printed matter – turning every mailing into a success.

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Using our templates, it only takes a few mouse clicks to create a design for pre-franked international reply items. Any professional printer will be able to provide further support if necessary. In order to ensure the delivery runs smoothly, please obtain a final proof from our specialist staff before production starts.

All you need to know

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Domestic letter returns management

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Parcel returns management

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