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Simple returns to online shops

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You have ordered goods and would like to return them. With the practical return label, you can return parcels free of charge or at a lower price.

At a glance:

  • Easy return thanks to return label with barcode number
  • Free return shipment with business reply label
  • Return CHF 1.50 less with the “99.01” label
  • Free collection with return label
  • Handover near you at over 2,800 acceptance points

Here’s how it works

  • Packaging goods well

    Use a suitable robust cardboard box or the original packaging for the return shipment.

    If available, please enclose the retailer’s return form. Protect the contents for safe transport and seal them with adhesive tape.

  • Affix shipping label

    Have you received a label from the online shop? Take the label or print it out.

    Attach the label to the largest area of the parcel.

    If you haven’t received a label, you can create one yourself.

  • Dropping off a parcel

    Option 1: If you wish, we will collect the parcel from you using the “pick@home” service. This service is free of charge with a return label. Simply place an order for collection in the “My Swiss Post” customer portal, in the Post-App or directly online in participating online shops.

    Option 2: If you do not wish to collect the item, use a posting option of your choice.

Do you have a return label?

Business reply item label: free return

Have you received a return label from the online shop with the note “GAS”? GAS stands for business reply label. Using this label, you can return the parcel to the retailer free of charge. GAS labels are available to be affixed or as a PDF document for printing out yourself.

Barcodes/shipping labels

“99.01” label: cheaper return shipment

Does the number under the label barcode start with “99.01”? You will pay CHF 1.50 less if you return the parcel to the online shop. Example: you only pay CHF 7.00 instead of CHF 8.50.

Barcodes/shipping labels

No label received?
How to return the parcel

Create label yourself

Have you not received a return label, and the online shop does not offer pick@home? If so, simply create a free label yourself and decide whether you want us to collect the parcel or would prefer to drop it off yourself. The “Domestic parcel labels” online service enables you to print the label and then stick it on your parcel. If you use the Post-App and the DigitalStamp service, you can decide whether you want to print the parcel label yourself or would prefer us to do it for you.

Collection with pick@home

Many online shops offer pick@home. You can order the service directly in the online shop. A mail carrier will collect your parcel.

How much does it cost to return a parcel?

Business reply label
Free return shipment





“99.01” label
Discount on standard prices


1.50 less


Free of charge

Practical: the Post-App
Return parcels and more

The Post-App gives you access to Swiss Post’s services anytime and anywhere. You can create labels, arrange collections and track consignments – all conveniently via smartphone. Download it now and try it out!

For retailers
Practical solutions for returns management

Simplify returns processes for both employees and customers.