Addressing letters correctly
Having the correct address ensures quick and faultless delivery

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Using the correct address format and providing complete address information ensures the entire mailing process runs smoothly and that consignments are delivered without problems to the correct recipient

  • At least three and no more than six lines
  • Addressing lengthwise on the consignment
  • Official street name in full and correct house number
  • P.O. Box details on the penultimate line
  • The correct postcode and the full name of the town
  • No underlined postcode or town

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Private address
Address example

Example: address with street, house number, plus additional address information in this example (a) and apartment/floor number (8), postcode and town.

Further examples (PDF, 1.4 MB)

Erich Müller 
Bahnhofstrasse 4a/8 
8001 Zurich 

Business address
Address example

Example: address with street, house number, postcode and town and, in this example, addressed to a specific person in a company.

Further examples (PDF, 1.4 MB)

Müller Ltd  
Mr R. Bürki  
Zollikerstrasse 788  
8008 Zurich 

P.O. Box address
Address example

The penultimate address line must indicate “P.O. Box”. Any additional number for the P.O. Box location appears on the last line after the town.

Further examples (PDF, 1.4 MB)

Schweizer Ltd  
P.O. Box 
3000 Berne 8

Further examples and address placement

Extensive information on properly addressing letter mail (e.g. addressing them to a P.O. Box and similar) and examples can be found in the “Letter creation from A-Z” specifications.

Postcode – Postcodes in Switzerland
Find a postcode or a location

Find a postcode or place name in Switzerland and Liechtenstein. The “Search for postcode” online service will show you an unknown postcode or place name with just a few clicks. Simply enter a postcode or location in the search field. Please note: in cities, there may be different postcodes for the same street.

Addressing special consignments
Special addressing requirements

Poste restante consignment

Addressing postal consignments for collection at Swiss Post branches.

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Military mail

Addressing postal consignments for collection by members of the military or army agencies.

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Sending consignments to PickPost points

Addressing postal consignments for collection at PickPost points.

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Sending consignments to My Post 24 terminals

Addressing postal consignments for collection at My Post 24 terminals.

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Checking and analysing addresses
Address maintenance online

With the “Address maintenance online” online service, you can maintain and manage your addresses easily and efficiently online. Check whether it is possible to deliver to your addresses based on the postal address. With “Address maintenance online”, all movers’ addresses and officially published notifications of death are available for an address comparison.

International addresses
Correct addressing for shipping abroad

International postcodes

Find postcodes abroad.

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ISO country codes

Abbreviations for all countries.

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International addresses

Examples of international addresses.

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Packaging and addressing parcels
Correct preparation is essential

Prepare your parcel in accordance with Swiss Post recommendations. This ensures the consignment can be delivered to the recipient punctually and without damage. This benefits both you and the recipient.