Packaging parcels correctly
Here’s how to ensure your parcels arrive undamaged

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To ensure that your parcel arrives intact, correct preparation is very important. Detailed information can be found in our “Instructions for sending parcels” under “Important information”.

At a glance:

  • Sturdy, box-shaped packaging (max. 60 × 60 × 100 cm)
  • Pad the contents on all sides
  • Affix the address correctly (bottom right, largest side of the parcel)
  • Fasten firmly with adhesive tape, no string

Here’s how to protect your goods

  • Ensure that you pad your goods well, so that they do not move around or get damaged if they fall. It is best to use separate padding for each item. The padding should protect the contents by a width of around 3 cm on all sides.
  • Check that containers with liquid contents are closed properly to ensure that they cannot accidentally leak.
  • Use edge protectors for exposed areas.

Here’s how to choose the right packaging

  • Select packaging that is appropriate for the contents and weight.
  • It is advisable to use sturdy, box-shaped packaging that is flat and does not overturn easily.
  • If you reuse packaging, remove all old barcodes and labels.
  • Avoid dark packaging, and choose light opaque colours such as brown or natural. Wrap your parcel in wrapping paper if necessary.
  • Shipping envelopes and bags are permitted as long as they are stable, lie flat and meet all requirements.

Size of the packaging: protect the environment by choosing packaging of an appropriate size for the contents. This will reduce the CO₂ impact and increase your customer satisfaction.

Here’s how to fasten your parcel

  • Fasten your parcel using light, transparent and unprinted adhesive tape. Avoid paper adhesive tape, as it can easily become detached.
  • Ensure that the parcel is fastened securely and cannot open if it gets knocked.
  • Avoid sticking adhesive tape over the address or the barcode, even transparent adhesive tape.
  • Do not use string.

Do you want to play it safe with your parcels? If you’re a business customer, we would be happy to check the quality of your packaging and addresses on your behalf at our Competence Center (CC).

Addressing parcels correctly

With the correct addressing, your parcel will arrive directly at its destination. We’ll show you what you need to watch out for.

Important information


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Create labels online

The best way to address parcels is directly online or in the Post-App. For business customers, we offer additional options according to your shipping requirements.

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