Sending specially packaged goods
“Manual processing” value-added service

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Despite having standard dimensions, certain consignments are unable to be sorted by machine. With the “Manual processing” value-added service, Swiss Post processes standard parcels with a special shape or special packaging, as well as consignments with other specific properties that require additional processing.

What is special packaging?

Parcels with the following forms and materials require the “Manual processing” value-added service:

Packaging shapes

  • Tubes including tins up to 100 cm in length
  • Pyramid-shaped and triangular packaging up to 100 cm in length
  • Parcels with surfaces that are undulated or slope too much (more than 5° from the base)

Packaging materials

  • Wood
  • Metal
  • Leather


  • Dark or reflective packaging
  • Special packaging shape
  • Certain packaging materials

Certain placement of the address and/or consignment barcode (e.g. upright addressed items)

Surcharge for manual processing

Surcharge for manual processing

Price in CHF, incl. VAT

Who is this service for? Preconditions

The “Manual processing” value-added service is charged for consignments that are not suitable for machine processing and therefore require a higher level of manual effort.

Combination options

You can combine the value-added service with the following shipping options:


In our “Domestic parcel labels” online service, you can create and print shipping labels for domestic parcel consignments very easily.

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