Careful processing for fragile goods
“Fragile” value-added service

Parcels sent with the “Fragile” value-added service may contain delicate and/or fragile goods. Accordingly, we handle them with the required care when loading and unloading as well as during delivery. There is also a higher maximum liability limit of CHF 5,000.00 in the event of damage and/or loss.

Prices for Fragile

Value-added service for delicate goods

Price in CHF, incl. VAT

Who is this service for & Precondition

The “Fragile” value-added service is suitable for all customers who send delicate and/or fragile goods and want a higher liability sum for their goods.


AYou must attach four Fragile adhesive labels to all sides of the consignment (these labels can be obtained from the DocuCenter).

Exceptions for business customers

As a business customer with a billing relationship, you must also label the consignments with the “FRA” value-added service label. The “Fragile” value-added service is not permitted and Swiss Post’s liability no longer applies when shipping valuables, watches or jewellery.


In the event of loss, damage or incorrect delivery of fragile consignments, Post CH Ltd is liable for up to max. CHF 5,000.00 in accordance with the General Terms and Conditions (GTC) for private customers (PDF, 88.3 KB) and the General Terms and Conditions (GTC) for business customers (PDF, 132.5 KB)[Media | Not Accessible].

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