Durable and ecological reusable packaging

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As a customer with a franking licence, you can use a Dispobox − packaging made from durable plastic − to ensure ecological and protected shipping of your goods. Thanks to the different sizes, you have the right packaging for any shipping item.

  • Simply order online
  • No storage or cleaning of empty containers
  • No effort needed to dispose of packaging material
  • Contents can be secured with seals or sealing labels
  • Free delivery from 50 items

Here’s how it works
Order Dispoboxes


With the “Order Dispoboxes” online service you can order Dispoboxes before 11 a.m.


We will then deliver the boxes to the required location the next day.


All you need to do is fill the Dispoboxes and have them collected by us or drop them off yourself.


Our mail carrier delivers the full Dispobox to the recipient, who then empties it and hands it back to the mail carrier.


We then clean the Dispoboxes and prepare them for the next order.


Size of Dispobox External dimensions in mm Internal dimensions top (and bottom) in mm Useful volume (and useful height)  Empty weight incl. lid in kg Prices in CHF


Size 10 200 x 150 x 120 182 x 137, (177 x 127) approx. 2,4l  (105 mm)
0,240 2.50
Size 11* 300 x 200 x 120 285 x 161, (285 x 161) approx. 4 l (92 mm) 0,640 3.50
Size 14* 300 x 200 x 170 284 x 160, (284 x 160) approx. 7 l (143 mm) 0,745 3.50
Size 21* 400 x 300 x 120 335 x 294, (335 x 294) approx. 9 l (92 mm) 1,060 3.50
Size 23* 398 x 306 x 227 362 x 269, (351 x 260) approx. 19 l (210 mm) 1,330 3.50
Size 33* 600 x 400 x 320 496 x 356, (457 x 318) approx. 49 l (288 mm) 3,380 3.50
Size 39 600 x 400 x 410 496 x 356, (457 x 318) approx. 66 l (400 mm) 3,728 4.65

Dispobox minimum order quantity: 20. We will deliver a minimum quantity of 50 Dispoboxes free of charge. For orders less than 50 Dispoboxes, there will be a charge of CHF 30.00 excl. VAT.

1All prices in CHF, excl. VAT. The details indicated above are list prices. Price reductions are possible for large volumes (from 5,000 items/year). Please contact your customer advisor.

Accessories prices

Push-in and compact seals

Push-in seals (red) for DX 10, 11, 14, 21 and 23, packaging unit of 1,000 items (minimum order quantity) CHF 70.00

Compact seals (yellow) for DX 10, 33, 39 and 86, length: 225 mm, diameter: 2 mm, packaging unit of 1,000 items (minimum order quantity) CHF 200.00

Sealing labels, suitable for all DX sizes, packaging unit of 2,000 units (minimum order quantity)

CHF 280.00


Size 1: 425x270 mm Ideal for DX 10/11/14/21

Size 2: 545x365 mm Ideal for DX 23/33/39

Packaging unit of 100 items (minimum order quantity)

CHF 25.00

Other prices

  • We will deliver a minimum quantity of 50 Dispoboxes free of charge. For orders less than 50 Dispoboxes, there will be a charge of CHF 30.00 excl. VAT.
  • The Dispoboxes must be returned to the pool no later than 60 days after the delivery date, otherwise there will be a monthly charge per Dispobox of CHF 18.00.
  • It is possible to extend the period of use. For an extension of 30 days, an charge of CHF 1.00 per box will be due in addition to the contract price. You can establish this in the terms and conditions.
  • For every Dispobox collection request due to an incorrect order or storage clearance, we will charge a flat fee of CHF 75.00 per pallet/rollbox.

On request, and in exchange for the corresponding remuneration, we collect your customer-specific packaging sent in the Dispoboxes (cooling elements, inlays, etc.) and return them to you for renewed use. The packaging in the Dispoboxes must bear your name in a clearly visible manner for the purposes of identification and proper return. Prices upon request.

Delivery to floor: CHF 25.00/delivery

Telephone contact before delivery: CHF 5.00/notification

All prices exclude VAT. These transport notes are only possible via the online services (no fax or telephone orders).

Who is this service for & preconditions

Dispoboxes are reusable packaging elements for customers with a valid franking licence, who want to send goods in a durable, ecological manner.

Customer Login

To order Dispoboxes, a login to post.ch is required.


If you are ordering Dispoboxes for the first time, you need to register via our Dispobox contact form. You also have the possibility of registering via your personal customer advisor.

Minimum order quantity

The minimum order quantity for Dispoboxes is 20 items. Delivery is free of charge for 50 Dispoboxes or more.

Time-scheduled limitation

The Dispoboxes must be sent within 60 days. It is possible to extend the period of validity upon payment of a fee. Unused Dispoboxes should be returned to Swiss Post.


The Dispoboxes are the property of Post CH Ltd and may only be handed over to it for parcel or express channel transportation.

Packaging and liability

Use sufficient padding in the Dispoboxes. We do not accept liability for any damage caused as a result of insufficient padding. No labels, adhesive tape or other markings may be used on Dispoboxes outside the label supports. 

A balancing man against a green background is the logo for the carbon-neutral “pro clima” – Shipment option.

Swiss Post sends all addressed domestic letters carbon-neutrally and covers the “pro clima” surcharges for offsetting CO2 emissions. Thanks to Swiss Post’s climate protection measures, the letter is both an effective and a carbon-neutral means of communication. We will also transport your other postal items carbon-neutrally in return for a small surcharge.