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Would you like to send a birthday invitation but don’t know whether you have the current and correct addresses of all your friends? Would you like to know before a bulk mailing what the quality of your customer addresses is like and then update these quickly and easily to avoid unnecessary returns? Or how would it be if you could download the entire street directory for Switzerland and the Principality of Liechtenstein, regularly and free of charge? Talk to us, because we’re your first port of call for address solutions.

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How can we support you?
Optimize your address management

Our address and geodata are unrivalled throughout Switzerland in terms of quality and quantity. To express this in figures: almost 13,000 delivery staff collect the latest information every day; up to 450,000 households let us know their relocation information exclusively every year; and 2,200 municipalities collaborate solely with Swiss Post to ascertain street names and house numbers.

Despite this, we do not sell addresses. The data we collect is simply used as a basis for a comparison with your existing addresses or as a solid foundation for address solutions.

What do you need?

Address assessment

Evaluate and complete addresses

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Address updating

Update, maintain and clean addresses

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Address data acquisition

Using address and geodata

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Address assessment
Evaluate and complete addresses

Address verification
Correct and verified addresses in the CRM

Use our reference data which is updated daily for the verification of your addresses

  • Address assistant and/or address verification web interfaces
  • Ideal for call center modules, online shops and POS systems
  • Matching with verified address data from Swiss Post
  • Address assistant with “Autocomplete” function
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Address quality verification
Security in online retail

Professionally verify your addresses for validity and credibility. 

  • More security for “payment by invoice”
  • Connection via web interface
  • Support in fraud prevention
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Address updating
Update, maintain and clean addresses

Free address analysis
Have the quality of your addresses analysed free of charge

How good is your address database? Get an initial overview free of charge. We will send you a detailed quotation based on the analysis.

You’ll receive information about things such as

  • Number of addresses that can receive postal item deliveries 
  • Number of invalid addresses that can be updated  
  • Number of addresses that can be corrected 
  • Number of duplicates

You can run a free address analysis yourself immediately, using the “Address maintenance online” online service. To do so, you require a Swiss Post login. For an analysis without registration, with data being transmitted using secure WebTransfer, please contact us by e-mail:

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Address enquiry
Find lost addresses again

Address enquiries for addresses which may have been considered lost: you decide about the extent of the research

  • Three-stage address enquiries possible domestically and internationally
  • Partially automated search process
  • High success rate
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Maintain addresses
Always have up-to-date address data

Swiss Post offers you the best possible preconditions to support you professionally in your address management. The following options are available to you:

  • Address maintenance online (web-based) – maintain addresses online around the clock
  • Address maintenance via web service (IT interface) – integration of address maintenance directly into your systems
  • Address maintenance via DataTransfer – file-based and automatic comparison of addresses before bulk mailings
  • Address maintenance by expert – individual or standardized, leave address maintenance to Swiss Post
  • Address maintenance by customer – ideal for higher data protection requirements because you handle the address maintenance internally
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Notification of move
Receive movers’ addresses every day

Ensure that you find out your customers’ new addresses immediately after their move.

The advantages for you:

  • Receive correct movers’ addresses every day
  • Your customers do not have to send you a separate change of address 
  • Placement of your logo on a heavily visited Swiss Post platform
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International address cleaning
Verify addresses worldwide

Improve address quality for your international consignments:

  • Address verification and correction worldwide
  • Deduplication
  • Relocation and deceased check (Germany and Austria)
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Shipment-optimized address update
Increase your delivery success

Do you use an online service or software solution from Swiss Post to prepare your postal items? To ensure optimum delivery success, you can have your addresses checked with regard to deliverability and benefit from the automatic shipment-optimized correction service.

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Address data acquisition
Using address and geodata

Address and geodata
Reference data for optimizing your logistics and geographical information systems

Swiss Post’s regularly updated reference data for Switzerland and the Principality of Liechtenstein supports you in a range of ways:

  • You will always have available the latest street, sorting data and postcodes of all buildings served by the postal system
  • Geographical coordinates incl. altitude information
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