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Correct, up-to-date addresses are the key to maintaining relationships with your target groups. Keep customer addresses, donor directories and member lists permanently up to date. We provide assistance using solutions for one-off address updates and for continuous address maintenance. Already carried out your mailing and annoyed by all the letter returns? We can also provide you with the best possible support for downstream address maintenance.

Maintain addresses
Keep address data continuously updated

Keep your address database up to date
Address maintenance

  • Automated address updating
  • Manage addresses in your CRM database directly
  • Via the web service (REST/SOAP)
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Receive movers’ addresses on a proactive basis
Notification of move

  • Up-to-date movers’ addresses
  • Brand presence on the Swiss Post relocation platform
  • Suitable for new customer acquisition
  • Suitable for customer reactivation
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Retrieve customers and debtors
Address enquiry

  • International and domestic enquiries
  • Qualified data sources
  • Goes back several years
  • A high success rate for enquiries
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Start with an address analysis
Non-binding, free of charge

Correct mailing addresses
Save on costs with data quality and by only sending mailings to valid addresses

Assess address quality
Address analysis

  • Do it yourself now online
  • Free of charge
  • Incl. quotation for update
  • On request: conveniently provided by our experts
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Compare shipment files
Address maintenance

  • Do it yourself now online
  • Via an interface or with experts
  • Detailed statement per address
  • Match price or with a subscription
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Address correction during shipping
Shipment-optimized address update

  • Address updating and shipping
  • Integrated into shipping applications
  • Addresses updated in the shipping process itself
  • Optimization of the shipment file
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Correct return addresses
Avoid undeliverable items in future

Update individual addresses
Address maintenance

  • Do it yourself online with ease
  • Access individual address or address files
  • Basic information free of charge
  • Detailed information for a fee
Check individual address

Update movers’ addresses
Movers’ returns

  • Fully-automated daily report
  • Based on returns data
  • Integration of the mover’s address
  • DataTransfer interface
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Retrieve customers and debtors
Address enquiry

  • International and domestic enquiries
  • Qualified data sources
  • Goes back several years
  • A high success rate for enquiries
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Is long-term address maintenance a good idea?
Data quality at the heart of successful marketing

Around 700,000 people in Switzerland relocate every year. If you do not maintain your addresses, you risk losing 10 percent of your customer addresses on average every year. This will result in unnecessary, costly letter returns for mailings: in the event of a move, you’ll lose the opportunity to acquire or reactivate customers. This is why careful address maintenance is very important.

  • The appropriate form of address is a sign of appreciation.
  • Undeliverable items cost money (returns);
  • Movers’ addresses open up fresh prospects for new business;
  • Incorrect addresses can cause reputational damage.

Important information
Data protection

Swiss Post strictly complies with the legal requirements of data protection. It does not sell, rent or lease any addresses. The data we collect is simply used as a basis for a comparison with your existing addresses or as a solid foundation for address solutions.

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