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Ensure that only correct addresses are recorded in your database – irrespective of whether you obtain these via a call center, online shop or handwritten order. Verification of each addresses takes just seconds. It’s a worthwhile investment.

Address assistant

Swiss Post relies on up-to-date and correct addresses on mail in order to provide a good service. It is also in the interests of the customer to have an up-to-date address database as correct addresses help you avoid unnecessary costs for returns and printing.

More and more recipient customers now enter their address directly online, e.g. when registering for online shops. The “Address assistant” provides support when entering and verifying non-personalized addresses.

In addition, the “Autocomplete” function can be used while entering addresses in an electronic form to ensure only valid and current street names and town names are recorded in your CRM.


We offer the “Address assistant” to you free of charge.

Address verification

Address verification enables the addresses of natural persons and legal entities to be verified. If there are minor deviations, the correct street name, house number and postcode are provided.

Address verification enables the validity of individual addresses to be checked easily via the Swiss Post web service. Ideal for call center modules, online shops and POS systems.

It is a common occurrence for interested parties, customers or partners to enter incomplete or slightly incorrect addresses into electronic contact or order forms. With the “Address verification” service, the address data is automatically checked as it is entered. It is possible to compare complete addresses or individual address elements (e.g. postcode).

The addresses are checked by matching them with Swiss Post’s verified address data. The request is performed in real time and is verified based on up-to-the-minute data. You can also be sure that data protection requirements have been observed so that you do not run any risks when using the verified address data.


  • One-off activation fee for setting up the web interface: CHF 1,420
  • Per address queried: CHF 0.02
  • Minimum monthly price for up to 10,000 queries/month: CHF 200
  • Maximum monthly price for more than 200,000 queries per month: CHF 4,000

The conditions for “Address verification” are agreed contractually.

All prices excl. VAT

Important information

You require your own software for the address assistant and address verification to connect your IT environment to our interface.

Further information for the connection can be found in the technical specifications “Address web services REST” and “Address web services SOAP” on the Swiss Post Developer Portal:


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