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Around 800,000 people in Switzerland relocate every year. If you do not maintain your addresses, you risk losing 10 percent of your customer base on average, every year. With customer addresses, donor indexes and member lists that are always up to date, you can be sure that your shipments reach the correct recipient. Reactivating existing customers becomes very easy. As part of address maintenance, you receive a detailed statement for each address submitted. You decide which technical access channel you want to use to maintain your addresses.

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Your options
The right service to meet every need

Looking to compare addresses occasionally or continuously, and automatically, with the most up-to-date address database in Switzerland? The address maintenance service provides you with numerous access channels as required to keep your addresses up to date.

Correct addresses yourself as required
Address maintenance online

Update and correct individual addresses or entire address files at any time online. It is especially suitable for private individuals, associations and SME.

More information

Validate and update addresses in a fully automated way
Address maintenance via web service

Update your address database on a continuous, automated basis via a web service. It is suitable for companies that require a great deal of flexibility and process orientation.

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You can find more information on our address maintenance services in our address maintenance factsheet (PDF, 230.5 KB) and the “Status QSTAT – ShortReport” factsheet. (PDF, 101.2 KB)

Start with an address analysis
Non-binding, free of charge

A Swiss Post address expert at a computer carrying out address maintenance on a customer file.

Do you want to outsource your address maintenance due to limited resources?
The solution: address maintenance by expert

Have Swiss Post’s experts carry out address maintenance. We will be happy to handle everything to provide you with proactive, long-term address maintenance.

  • Individual, competent advice
  • Professional handling
  • High flexibility

Our database
A detailed statement for every address

Swiss Post’s address database is unrivalled in Switzerland in terms of quality and quantity. We use our address services to compare our address data with this database. We ensure we are in strict compliance with the legal requirements of data protection. We do not sell, rent or lease any addresses.

As part of address maintenance, we provide a detailed statement for each address submitted. In the process we use our reference data from the street directory, our comprehensive delivery and movers’ files database and from officially published death notices.

Initial and service costs

The costs of address maintenance consist of initial costs (e.g. activation fee) and address maintenance services (address statement, any movers’ addresses, address corrections). You also have free access to various services. Use the many options available to you, and start by performing a free quality analysis on your address data. We provide you with a tailored quotation based on this quality analysis. This tells you how much validating your address data will cost during the next stage.

Initial costs

Address maintenance online
Using the Swiss Post online service

Free of charge

Address maintenance via web service
Setting up the web interface: one-off activation fees



Address maintenance by expert
Flat fee per order (depending on the number of addresses)





Address maintenance services (address statement)

The person, household or company is known at this address and is a 100 percent match with our reference data.

Free of charge

The person, household or company is unknown at this address. Minor deviations such as corrections to last name and first name, street name, house number, postcode and town are present and are returned correctly.

Free of charge

The person, household or company is unknown at this address or the address is unknown.

Free of charge

Movers’ files
Mover’s address available in Switzerland.

Price per match


No longer valid.
Detailed reasons: “Deceased / company no longer in business”, “International relocation match” or “New address unknown”

Price per address


Repeats (duplicates)
Identification of duplicate addresses

Price per duplicate


All prices in CHF, excl. VAT

What you need
Channels and requirements

Address maintenance online

You can request the quality of your address data to be analysed without registration. To have the address data corrected, registration for the “My Post” customer portal is required.

Address maintenance web service

Incorporate the address maintenance web service into your IT environment via a REST/SOAP interface. If you would like more information about web service connections via REST or SOAP, feel free to consult our technical specifications (“REST address web services” and “SOAP address web services”).

Address maintenance by expert

No requirements needed.


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On course for optimized address management

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Address maintenance as a success factor

Möbel Pfister

Top-quality address management in dialogue marketing

Trebbau direct media GmbH

Kundenbegleiter und Reisende im Zug

Reaching mobile customers reliably with correct addresses

SBB / Alliance SwissPass 

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