Posting letters
Wherever and whenever you want

Posting options

Near you
Letter box

Post letters around the clock near you.

At the counter

With personalized advice on Swiss Post’s services.

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At your computer
Send mail digitally

Post and send letters and postcards online.

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Post letters or have them collected
Bulk mailings and daily mail

Purchase shipping containers
Empty containers

Empty containers such as letter crates and bulk containers enable postal items to be processed quickly.

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For large volumes

You can have larger consignment volumes collected by us – as a one-off or on a regular basis.

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Save postage from 3,000 items
Upstream services by business customers

You can save on postage costs with the following upstream services:

  • Sorting by location (from 3,000 items)
  • Posting at a letter or logistics center (from 10,000 items)
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Shipping from 10,000 items
Business customers providing notification

Please provide prior notification of larger bulk mailings at least three days in advance.

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Bulk Mailing Manager
The software solution for the preliminary sorting of consignment volumes

Do you regularly send addressed bulk mailings for your customers containing more than 3,000 copies with Swiss Post? With our Bulk Mailing Manager software, your customers save on postage while you spend less time preparing the mailings.

Step by step