PP franking and A Mail labelling
Postal prepayment impression and A Mail label affixed by Swiss Post

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Are your letters ready for mailing, but lack the necessary PP impression? Or is the necessary A Mail label not yet affixed? Then Swiss Post will be happy to help: leave your consignments with us and we will do the rest.

  • Cash payment from as few as 50 items, no minimum quantity with a dispatch list/delivery note
  • For “PP franking”
  • Swiss Post adds the PP impression
  • Swiss post adds the A Mail label

Who is this service for? Preconditions

You can only use the “PP franking and A Mail labelling” value-added service in combination with the “PP franking” basic service.

Important information

As the service is only available in combination with PP franking, the consignments must be posted together with a dispatch list/delivery note in one of the numerous Swiss Post acceptance points. More information can be found in the “PP franking” factsheet (PDF, 325.5 KB) (German version).



Do you rarely use our services and do not yet have a billing relationship with Swiss Post? Then our Standard services are available to you.

Minimum quantity for processing at the counter: 50 items

Standard PP franked letter mail must be handed in at the post office counter and paid in cash. A dispatch list (delivery note) is not required.

PP franking
0.05 / item

Special conditions

Do you use some of our services frequently and therefore maintain a billing relationship with Swiss Post? Then our special services are available to you.

Minimum price per order: CHF 5.00

With the special service, prices are calculated via the dispatch list (delivery note).

PP franking
0.05 / item
A Mail label stamp
0.05 / item
Polywrapped consignments
+ 0.25 / item
Postmarking, Provider identification
+ 0.25 / item

All prices including VAT

surcharge per item (same price for all shipping options)

Step by step