PP franking
The straightforward franking solution for bulk mailing

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With PP franking, bulk mailings can be franked quickly, correctly and reliably. The printed postal prepayment impression “P.P.” replaces the postage stamp or franking with a franking machine. 

  • Franking solution for mailings and bulk mailings 
  • Also possible with data matrix code 
  • Create PP impression yourself 
  • Without additional costs

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Important information


Dispatch list/delivery note

For letter mail with PP impression, we require a dispatch list/delivery note to charge the postage costs (except in the event of cash payment at the counter). You can create this document quickly and easily with the “Letters dispatch list” online service at the Swiss Post Customer Center. Postage costs are billed on the monthly postal invoice using the dispatch list/delivery note.


PP impression

Mandatory elements are the P.P. franking label (postage paid), sender’s postcode and town, Swiss Post logo or “Post CH Ltd” designation and the frame (placed in the franking zone) and separating line with the recipient address (placed in the sender zone). You can create your PP impression simply and free of charge in our “Create postage paid impressions” online service.


Minimum quantity

Create the dispatch list/delivery note via the “Letters dispatch list” online service. In this case there is no minimum quantity for posting PP consignments.

If you pay cash at the branch counter or if you use a dispatch list completed by hand, the minimum posting quantity is 50 consignments. Please note that you do not require a dispatch list in the event of cash payments at the counter. If this quantity is not reached, we charge the difference between the amount delivered and the minimum order of 50 items at the lowest price for B Mail individual items.



To post, take the letter mail together with the dispatch list/delivery note to the nearest Swiss Post branch, a letter or logistics center or have the letters collected.

Letter boxes may not be used for PP consignments. 

All you need to know about preparing letters
Solutions for business customers with a billing relationship

The following solutions support customers who have a billing relationship with Swiss Post for the preparation and posting of their letter mail.

Create a postage paid impression
Postage paid impression and data matrix code

  • For domestic and international consignments
  • incl. data matrix code for franking and address zone
  • Import recipient addresses with/without Letter ID (max. 5000 per impression created)
  • Add a logo, image or slogan to the franking
  • Determine what Swiss Post should do with your returned items.
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Postage paid impression by Swiss Post
PP franking and A Mail labelling

Are your consignments ready for mailing, but lack the necessary PP impression? Or is the A Mail label not yet affixed? No problem: give us the consignments and we will take care of the rest – with the “PP franking and A Mail labelling” value-added service.

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Dispatch list online
Create dispatch list

  • For all domestic and international letter mail
  • Overview of all orders from the last six months
  • Return of customer duplicate via e-mail
  • Less than 50 consignments can be handed in without incurring additional costs
  • Simultaneous declaration of bulk mailings

Physical dispatch list (dispatch list 601)
Order dispatch list

  • Delivery note in physical form
  • Complete by hand
  • Fewer than 50 consignments only with additional costs 

When posting with an individual delivery document instead of the officially valid dispatch list/delivery note, a handling fee of 20 francs will be charged by Swiss Post per form.

Dispatch list per XML file

You can create the dispatch list quickly and simply via the electronic “DataTransfer” interface. You generate the consignment or invoicing data for your addressed PP mailings in your business application and create an XML file. This is then automatically transferred via “DataTransfer” to our system. Within a few minutes, you receive documents required for posting as PDF files, incl. cart assignment.

Letter ID
Simplified processing of letter mail

Letter ID is an extension to the postage paid impression. With the data matrix code, every letter consignment can be identified and tracked throughout the entire process. Letter ID also has numerous other advantages providing effective support for the efficient implementation of consignment preparation and processing.

All you need to know about posting letters
Solutions for business customers with a billing relationship

The following solutions support customers who have a billing relationship with Swiss Post for the preparation and posting of their letter mail.

Advance notice bulk mailing
Register bulk mailing in good time

  • A Mail: from 10,000 items
  • B Mail individual items: from 10,000 items
  • B bulk mailing: from 30,000 items
  • OnTime Mail always

Notification at least 72 hours in advance

Empty containers for posting
Order letter crates and bulk containers

  • Order online at any time of day
  • Empty container calculator
  • Order until 12 noon, delivery the following work day
  • Only for domestic letter mail
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Have postal items collected
Save time and money

  • For all franked postal items
  • Regular collections
  • Collection upon request
  • At least 4 hours advance notice
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The postage paid impression can be enhanced with Letter ID light. Letter ID light is a data matrix code with static data content (customer identification, availability of returns). The code contains no customer-generated data and has no freely usable positions.

For PP franking with Letter ID (formerly PP Business), a data matrix code with dynamic data content is used. It includes customer-generated data (order number, consignment number) and allows the use of a number of positions for the customer’s own purposes. It can also be used to store the availability of returns.

Data matrix codes are used to encode a large amount of information on a reduced area. This facilitates easier reading and faster processing of consignments. Data matrix codes meet all Swiss Post security requirements.

When posting consignments with PP franking, a dispatch list (PP delivery note) must be created. This list is used to bill the franking on Swiss Post’s monthly invoice.

PP franking is not a postage stamp. Misprints incur no costs and the envelopes can be destroyed without any problem.

Under the terms of sale (see price reductions and discounts for letters).

  • Swiss Post franking: the outsourcing solution that lightens your workload.
  • WebStamp: the personalized postage stamp on your PC.
  • IFS: intelligent franking systems (franking machine).

Yes. The data matrix code can store various services for undeliverable items. Two variants are available: the static data matrix code PP Easy contains only the customer identification. The dynamic data matrix code PP Business also allows identification of the consignment and storage of additional information.

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