Swiss-Express “Innight” Spare Parts
Spare parts delivered directly to service vehicles

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With “Innight” Spare Parts, we collect spare parts in Switzerland and throughout Europe, and handle customs clearance upon request. We then deliver the spare parts directly to the technician’s service vehicle during the night. This allows you to reduce your external storage space and reduce turnaround times, speeding up service processes.

Here’s how it works

Even with less external storage space, you want to maintain fast service processes. At the same time, your technicians need to remain equipped at all times without having to carry all the parts around with them.

Our solution

We collect your spare parts in Switzerland and abroad and deliver them directly to the designated technician before the working day begins. Thanks to “Innight” Spare Parts, technicians save time by cutting out trips to the warehouse, and store fewer parts in their vehicles. On request, technicians can be notified in advance of a delivery.

Collection from Monday to Friday

  • Collection in Switzerland and abroad during the late afternoon or evening
  • Posting at our logistics center in Niederbipp
  • Transmission of consignment data using the “Manage Innight consignments” (Swiss-Express Web) online service or via an EDI interface

Delivery from Tuesday to Saturday

We deliver your goods on the same night before 6 a.m. directly to the technician’s vehicle. To gain access to the vehicle, we manage anonymized keys and badges.

The following services are also available

  • Fast and easy returns and container management
  • Import and export customs clearance


You have an individual Swiss-Express “Innight” contract with Swiss Post.

Notes on preparing your consignments

You can send the following types of goods with Swiss-Express “Innight”:

  • Innight can be used to ship dangerous goods up to 1,000 ADR points
  • Goods that a driver can handle using a trolley or pallet truck.
  • Goods with a maximum length of 250 cm and a maximum girth (longest side and circumference) of 400 cm.
  • Weights up to a maximum of 250 kg per transport unit (up to a maximum 400 kg per consignment)
  • Goods that do not protrude beyond the side of the load carrier (e.g. EUR pallets (120 cm x 80 cm))
  • Goods that are packaged securely for transportation and the nature of which does not constitute a threat to the environment or to the health and safety of Swiss Post's employees

Addressing mail

Consignment labelling

  • Sender address
  • Recipient address
  • Shipping barcode
  • Routing number (routing information)

Transmit consignment data by 9 p.m. at the latest using the  “Manage Innight consignments” (Swiss-Express Web) online service or via an EDI interface.

Returns and container management


Your customers prepare the returns directly in the technicians’ vehicles. We collect the returns on our next delivery round. We transport the returns daily, once a week, or as requested to a location agreed with you. You need to identify the items to be returned using a return label.

Returning empty containers

Your customers prepare the empty containers in the technicians’ vehicles. We collect these on our next delivery round and transport them to the location agreed with you.

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Accessing the "Innight" Spare Parts solution

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