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Six figures that show the importance of Swiss Post for the Swiss economy

Swiss Post powers a modern Switzerland. With its infrastructure and its physical and digital products and services, it makes a major contribution to ensuring that the Swiss economy functions and that the quality of life in the country remains high. If Swiss Post no longer existed, it would leave a large gap to be filled. Facts and figures highlighting the value of Swiss Post.

  • 120

    Swiss Post delivers consignments nationwide, ensures the provision of payment transactions and operates a dense network of access points. It is right here for everyone, anytime and anywhere − digitally and physically, in conurbations and peripheral regions. It supports the local economy through its procurements, securing jobs both in-house and at its suppliers. Overall, it is directly or indirectly responsible for around one in every 120 francs generated in Switzerland. It therefore makes a major contribution to Switzerland’s gross domestic product. And hence to the common good of all.

    Illustration: Two people stack huge coins.
  • 578

    Postbuses also operate in municipalities that would otherwise not have any transport services. 578 municipalities are connected to the Swiss public transport network exclusively by Postbus.

    Illustration: A Postbus and map of Switzerland with highlighted municipalities and stops
  • 46,000

    Swiss Post employs around 46,000 people, equivalent to one in 115 employees in Switzerland. This makes Swiss Post one of the largest employers, providing jobs in each of the 26 cantons and in a quarter of all municipalities.

    Illustration: Parcel carrier and delivery vehicle
  • 1 million

    Swiss Post brings the whole of Switzerland together, serving around four million households/businesses daily and, through all of its access points, registering around one million direct customer interactions every day.

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  • 250 million

    Swiss Post does not receive any subsidies or taxpayers’ money for the provision of the universal service. On the contrary, it finances the universal service from its own resources and pays more than 250 million francs annually in taxes and duties. Over the past ten years, it has also paid its sole owner, the Swiss Confederation, 1.25 billion francs in the form of dividends.

    Illustration: People throw huge coins into a red savings box decorated with a Swiss cross.
  • 3.1 billion

    In order to produce its products and services, Swiss Post itself purchases goods and services worth 3.1 billion francs from domestic suppliers, supporting the local economy and securing jobs both in-house and at its suppliers.

    Illustration: One person hands over a parcel to another.
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