Information security at Swiss Post:
Why your data is safe with us

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Information security is far more than a technology issue. That’s because the best technology doesn’t help if there is no trust in it.

The security of your data is of central importance to us. This begins right from the time we develop a solution, long before you can use our products and services as a customer. And we of course ensure that your data is and remains secure during ongoing operations. For instance, we subject our products to multi-level testing and monitor operations in our data centers around the clock or to regular independent security audits.

Security never stands still, and we do everything we can to ensure that you can have full confidence in us.

We do the following to ensure that your data is secure with us:

Our own data centers

Swiss Post operates its two own data centers in Switzerland. They provide a top-class data hosting environment and are protected by several levels of security.

The sophisticated IT systems, along with technical, construction and organizational measures and a responsible approach to handling data allow Swiss Post to keep its performance pledge. We give your data the best possible protection.

Phishing and other attempts at fraud

It is increasingly common for scammers to pose as Swiss Post in order to get hold of your data. This could include, for example, your credit card details or e-banking access data. Or they try to manipulate computers and smartphones using malware. To make sure you don’t fall for one of their tricks, we tell you what to look out for in our article “Phishing and other Internet scams”.

If in any doubt, always contact Swiss Post’s customer service. We will be happy to confirm whether scammers are at work or whether an e-mail you received really came from us.

Swiss Post bug bounty programme

In 2021, Swiss Post introduced a “bug bounty programme”. The programme allows ethical hackers from all over the world to test Swiss Post’s online services to the limit. We want to know how secure Swiss Post’s digital services are and how we can further improve our data protection.

Unlike their criminal counterparts, ethical hackers do not break into IT systems with malicious intent, but in order to improve them. They test systems continuously – because IT systems are never finished. Technologies change. This means that safety standards must also be constantly adapted. Ethical hackers are an important factor in this process. Find out more about the bug bounty programme

Data protection

We treat your personal data with care and in accordance with the provisions of data protection law and postal legislation. In our data privacy statements, we set out transparently which of your data we use and in what form. We explain which data we process whenever you access this website and other digital presences. Find out more at “Data protection and disclaimer”.

Additional information

The brochure “Information security at Swiss Post” explains how secure our main products and services are. The brochure is regularly updated and supplemented.

Certified security

For key issues, Swiss Post has for many years sought certification in accordance with internationally recognized standards. By doing so, it adheres to best practices and simplifies compliance processes for customers. The certification process includes the following standards:

Digital Trust Label

Digital Trust Label

The “My consignments” online service has been certified with the “Digital Trust Label” from the Swiss Digital Initiative (SDI) since 2023. The label evaluates digital applications using 35 criteria in four categories, “Security”, “Data protection”, “Reliability” and “Fair interaction”, allowing users to quantify the trustworthiness of digital applications. The Digital Trust Label, which was developed in Switzerland and launched in 2022, is the first of its kind in the world.