Reliable posting of parcels abroad
Swiss Post GLS parcel shipping for business customers

If you send a parcel to a destination in Europe with Swiss Post GLS, you can rest assured that it will reach the intended recipient quickly and safely. Swiss Post GLS guarantees you a stable range of services with attractive standard delivery times.

Weights and prices for Swiss Post GLS parcels

Payment is via invoice. Swiss Post GLS does not calculate volumetric weight within Europe.

Weight Zone 1 (e.g. Germany) Zone 2 (e.g. France) Zone 3 (e.g. Spain) Zone 4 (e.g. Turkey)
Up to 2 kg 29.50 37.30 49.10 69.30
Up to 5 kg 31.30 39.00 50.90 87.60
Up to 10 kg 33.60 41.40 51.90 114.50
Up to 15 kg 36.60 45.00 58.10 143.50
Up to 20 kg 39.60 47.30 61.00 173.20
Up to 25 kg 45.50 50.90 65.80 200.60
Up to 30 kg 51.40 55.10 71.70 229.30
*Up to 35 kg 57.50 63.50 77.80 262
*Up to 40 kg 63.40 69.50 83.80 289.80

All prices in CHF, excl. VAT

*The maximum weight for Swiss Post GLS parcels is limited to 31.5 kg until further notice. With this network-wide measure, GLS wants to protect the health of employees and customers.

Country ISO code Zone Delivery time[1](days)
Albania AL 4 5–9
Andorra AD 4 5–8
Belgium BE 1 3
Bosnia-Herzegovina BA 4 4–6
Bulgaria BG 3 6
Croatia HR 4 5
Denmark DK 2 3
Germany DE 1 2
Estonia EE 3 4–5
Faroe Islands FO 4 9
Finland FI 3 5–7
France FR 2 2–4
Gibraltar GI 4 5–8
Greece GR 4 4–5
United Kingdom GB 2 3–5
Ireland IE 3 4
Iceland IS 4 4–5
Italy IT 2 2–4
Kosovo XK 4 3
Latvia LV 3 4
Lithuania LT 3 4
Luxembourg LU 1 2
Malta MT 4 4
Monaco MC 2 3–5
Montenegro ME 4 4–7
Netherlands NL 1 3
North Macedonia MK 4 5–9
Norway NO 3 3–6
Austria AT 2 3
Poland PL 3 3
Portugal PT 3 4–6
Romania RO 3 5
San Marino SM 2 3–6
Sweden SE 3 3–5
Serbia RS 4 4
Slovak Republic SK 3 4
Slovenia SI 3 5
Spain ES 3 4–6
Czech Republic CZ 3 3
Turkey TR 4 4–5
Hungary HU 3 4
Vatican City VA 2 3–6
Cyprus CY 4 5

1  non-guaranteed standard times (without external factors such as customs inspections)

The shorter time generally applies to cities while longer times are for peripheral regions. From approx. 15 parcels per day, the export can be completed on the same day as collection. This allows us to deliver consignments to all countries neighbouring Switzerland the day after posting.

Customs Clearance Service

The GLS inco-terms determine how the costs for foreign import, i.e. customs clearance costs, customs duties and taxes are divided between the exporter and importer.

Inco-term Customs clearance Customs dutie VAT Customs clearance costs[1], in CHF
Inco-term 10 DDP[4] Exporter Exporter Exporter 33.00[3]
Inco-term 20 DAP Importer Importer Importer To destination country
Inco-term 30 DDP, VAT Unpaid Exporter Exporter Importer 33.00[3]
Inco-term 40 DAP, Cleared Exporter Importer Importer 33.00[3]
Inco-term 50 DDP, Low Value[2] Exporter 12.50

All prices in CHF, excl. VAT

1 For consignments with more than five customs positions, CHF 10 per additional position

2 Up to max. EUR 22 per recipient, with the exception of Turkey up to max. EUR 30

3 Turkey = CHF 100

4 Germany DAP customs clearance


Inco-term Customs clearance Customs duties VAT Customs clearance costs[1], in CHF
Inco-term 11 DDP EU[7] Exporter Exporter Exporter 33.00[4]
Inco-term 15 DDP Exporter Exporter Exporter 33.00[2],[4]
Inco-term 17 DDP Exporter Exporter Exporter 50.00[3],[4]
Inco-term 21 DAP EU[7] Importer Importer Importer To destination country
Inco-term 33 EU Clearance[5] Exporter Exporter 50.00[6]
Inco-term 41 DAP, Cleared Exporter Importer Importer 50.00[4]
Inco-term 91 EU Clearance[8] Exporter Exporter 60.00

All prices in CHF, excl. VAT

1 For consignments with more than five customs positions, CHF 10 per additional position

2 plus CHF 12.00 per additional recipient

3 plus CHF 2.00 per additional recipient

4 plus CHF 10.00 per Intrastat declaration (if not settled by the exporter)

5 EU customs clearance via Germany with or without fiscal representation

6 CHF 10.00 for a fisical representation

7 Customs clearance via Germany with intra-community delivery

8 EU customs clearance via France (S.A.T.) with tax representation, including Intrastat declaration

Surcharges and fees Price
E-dec surcharge CHF 5.00 per consignment
Fuel surcharge Current details
Disbursement fee (for state levies paid in advance by Swiss Post GLS) 2% of customs fee/VAT, min. CHF 10.00 per consignment
Returns (for undeliverable parcels) CHF 18.00 per return, plus normal parcel costs
Destruction (without return) CHF 60.00 per destroyed consignment
Reminders (as from second reminder) CHF 20.00 per reminder
Re-debiting (for costs rejected by the importer; if applicable, plus collection charges) CHF 35.00 per invoice
Incorrect USTID number CHF 100.00 per number
Incoterm change CHF 30.00 per consignment
Intrastat declaration CHF 10.00 per declaration
Tax documents CHF 30.00 per duplicate
Incomplete EORI number CHF 25.00 per EORI number
Missing invoice copies (copy commercial invoice) CHF 5.00 per consignment
Creation of EUR.1 CHF 40.00 per EUR.1
Address corrections CHF 8.00 per correction request
General handling fee CHF 25.00 per event
Track & Trace protocol CHF 1.00 per parcel, min. CHF 25.00 per statement
Island surcharge: Balearic Islands CHF 29.00 per parcel
Island surcharge: Melilla, Cueta, Canary Islands CHF 59.00 per parcel
Island surcharge: Corsica CHF 18.00 per parcel
Island surcharge: Azores, Madeira CHF 35.00 per parcel

All prices in CHF, excl. VAT

If the recipient refuses or is unable to pay the customs clearance costs and import levies (VAT, customs duty, customs warehouse charges, collection fees, etc.), the sender must cover the costs and levies. A handling fee of CHF 35 will nevertheless be charged.

Notes on sending parcels abroad

You can obtain the required labels and shipping materials under “Order material” or via your customer advisor.

Maximum dimensions per parcel:

Weight[1] Length Height Width Girth[2]
40 kg 200 cm 60 cm 80 cm 300 cm

1 Limitations may apply in certain countries. 

2 Calculation: length + 2 x height + 2 x width

You have a choice between customs clearance in the country of destination (Customs Clearance Service) and the special EU customs clearance (EU Clearance Service in Germany and France). With the incoterm labels, customs clearance costs and state levies can be distributed in a flexible manner. The exporter always pays the transport price. The delivery staff collect the costs from the recipient in cash on delivery or send an invoice.

Create commercial invoice

Your invoice also serves as a customs document. Create the invoice in triplicate and stick the incoterm label on the first invoice.


You require the invoice including the seven-digit EORI number of the foreign importer (not to be confused with the turnover tax ID). Not necessary for: parcels to private customers; parcels with goods worth less than EUR 22.00.


In addition to the EORI number, you require the importer address block, including SIRET number (last nine digits of the 11-digit VAT number – see importer’s letterhead).

Declaration of origin

Up to EUR 6,000.00, or CHF 10,300.00 (depending on the currency in which the commercial invoice is issued), a certificate of origin is sufficient containing an original signature and the signatory’s name in block capitals on the invoice. In the event of a higher value, a certificate of origin with customs authorization number or a EUR.1 form must be enclosed.

Creation of the EUR.1 and EUR-MED goods certificate

The EUR.1/EUR-MED goods certificate is generated on the basis of the retailer’s invoice and must always be physically enclosed with parcels. If you export parcels containing items both with and without EUR.1/EUR-MED as a collective item, a summary of the items without EUR.1/EUR-MED and a summary of the items with EUR.1/EUR-MED must be created at the end of the collective invoice.

Items with EUR.1/EUR-MED

Customs tariff number Origin Net Gross Value of goods
6108.3100 CH 1 1.5 7,200.00
8501.1010 CH 1.5 2 3,800.00

Items without EUR.1/EUR-MED

Customs tariff number Origin Net Gross Value of goods
6108.3100 CN 2 2.5 25,000.00
8501.1010 US 1 1.3 4,000.00

Necessary invoice information

  • Name, address, e-mail address, phone number and VAT number or turnover tax ID of the Swiss exporter and foreign importer
  • Invoice number, date and location: EORI number (EU countries)
  • Description of the goods (not only catalogue/part number)
  • Number, weight and country of origin
  • Unit price, total value and currency
  • Incoterm label (on first invoice)
  • Barcode control strip with the GLS parcel number
  • Declaration of origin (see information above)
  • Liquid hydrocarbons: VOC labels (on all invoices), if you apply for the reimbursement of the VOC incentive tax
  • For transit delivery in the country of destination: “Delivery under Customs Bond” label (on all invoices)

The barcode label (maxi sticker or mini sticker) contains two control strips: transfer one of these to the first commercial invoice and keep the second for parcel tracking. The customs document envelope with the invoices shall be placed above the label on the largest surface using the self-adhesive, transparent pocket..

Several parcels with one commercial invoice

  1. Stick customs document envelope with the invoices on the first parcel
  2. Stick the labels for the other parcels on top using an empty customs document envelope.
  3. Note the parcel number on each envelope (e.g. 1/3, 2/3, 3/3).

Content of the address label

The label must indicate the ISO code or the name of the destination country as well as the phone or mobile number of the recipient. With mini-stickers, a separate address label is required indicating the same information.

Any branch operated by Swiss Post or your Swiss Post collection service will accept your parcels. From about 15 parcels per day a pick-up service is available. To track the progress of your parcels, you can make use of the free Track&Trace service at or the proactive StatusMailer Service. To track consignments via within Switzerland, please note the domestic parcel number (99...) on the customs document envelope.

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