E-mail encryption with one click

IncaMail is Swiss Post’s secure e-mail service for sending confidential information. With IncaMail you can send encrypted e-mails to any address in the world. With just one click you protect your messages from loss, manipulation and falsification by unauthorized persons.

Are you using a webmail provider such as Gmail, Gmx or Bluewin? Then register now for the IncaMail online service. With the online service you can communicate securely and verifiably via your existing e-mail address.

IncaMail is also compatible with standard e-mail clients such as Outlook or Office 365. The solution also supports business software for bulk mailing of payslips or other documents.

Numerous partners in Switzerland and abroad have already integrated IncaMail into their applications or can help you connect successfully.

The name “INCA” is based on the four security features of IncaMail:

Integrity (change protection)

Swiss Post ensures that your e-mails remain complete and unchanged while being sent via the Internet.


IncaMail detects the sending and receipt of your e-mails. For the “Registered” dispatch type, you will receive as proof a digitally signed receipt with a time stamp.

Confidentiality (access protection)

IncaMail encrypts your e-mails according to a patented process. The process guarantees that third parties will not be able to view or falsify your data during sending.

Authentication (protection against falsification)

IncaMail checks senders and recipients of encrypted e-mails and assigns them a trust level of up to three stars. As a minimum, the e-mail address must be verified.


  • Sending payslips, salary statements or time sheets to employees
  • Sending confidential business information
  • Exchange of sensitive personal data
  • Sending PIN codes (for example fuel cards)
  • Communication with fiduciaries, lawyers, recruitment agencies etc.

Public authorities

  • Communication with courts (court submissions, court decisions, etc.)
  • Communication of regional employment centers with jobseekers, service providers and external agencies
  • Communication of child and adult protection authorities with social institutions and external partners
  • Sending extracts from the commercial register
  • Sending tax assessments

Private individuals and organizations

  • Sending sensitive e-mails to any persons (fiduciaries, notaries, banks, etc.)

IncaMail web interface (online service)

With the free Basic account, send ten confidential or personal e-mails per month free of charge. By upgrading to the Premium account, send unlimited e-mails with IncaMail. The “registered” dispatch type is also available free of charge.

Information about the dispatch types

Receiving encrypted e-mails and sending initial answers is also free. This applies to both Basic and Premium accounts.

Range of services Price in CHF incl. VAT Price in EUR incl. VAT
Basic account Free Free
Premium account (1 month) 5.00 4.00
Premium account (3 months) 9.00 7.50
Premium account (12 months) 29.00 25.00

IncaMail for the e-mail client

Do you want to use IncaMail from your e-mail client (e.g. Outlook, Office 365)? More information is available here.

IncaMail for business software

Do you want to use IncaMail from your business software (e.g. SAP, Abacus)? More information is available here.

  • You send your e-mail with all attachments via web interface, e-mail client or business software encrypted to your recipient. You can choose between the dispatch types “confidential”, “personal” or “registered”.
  • After clicking on “Send”, your e-mail will be transmitted to the IncaMail server via a secure connection.
  • If your recipient has integrated IncaMail into his e-mail client or business software, he will receive your e-mail directly via a secure connection.
  • If your recipient uses an e-mail service without IncaMail integration (e.g. Gmail, GMX), the system automatically converts your e-mail into an encrypted attachment. The encrypted attachment is delivered to your recipient by default message in his mailbox. He opens the attachment by entering his IncaMail password directly in his mailbox.
  • If your recipient is not yet registered on IncaMail, he opens the encrypted attachment with a security code sent by IncaMail (“confidential” dispatch type). If you select the “personal” dispatch type, your recipient will be asked to register on IncaMail. He then opens the attachment via his personal IncaMail password.
  • As a sender of confidential and personal IncaMail messages, you will receive a dispatch confirmation. With IncaMail registered mail, you will receive a receipt of dispatch and delivery in the form of a signed PDF file.

  • A: The digital signature proves that the e-mail comes from Swiss Post.
  • B: The sender address indicates the original sender and indicates that the e-mail was delivered with IncaMail.
  • C: The subject line indicates that the e-mail has been protected by IncaMail.
  • D: The sender is indicated by his e-mail address and - if specified - by his postal address.
  • E: The trust level confirms the sender's identification level with IncaMail. As a minimum, the verification of the e-mail address is required. In total, three stars can be achieved.
  • F: The message ID is used to track individual e-mails and assign them if necessary.
  • G: The attachment contains the entire e-mail in encrypted form (SMIME). Clicking on the attachment opens a secure website in the browser. The username and password can be entered there, after which the encrypted attachment opens. If the recipient does not wish to register on IncaMail, he can alternatively have a security code sent to his e-mail address. By entering this code he can open the encrypted attachment.

Please pay attention to these characteristics when receiving an IncaMail message in order not to fall victim to any phishing attempts!

You can find detailed instructions on opening an IncaMail message on the following page: Opening IncaMail messages

Place your trust in IncaMail.

Send secure e-mails via your personal e-mail address.