You turn information into transformation.

Interactive media designer

As an Interactive Media Designer, you will design and create interactive means of communication, such as web and mobile apps. You’ll produce your ideas and proposals based on customer requirements; for example, using animations, logos, graphics and audiovisual files. You define the content, design and functions of these elements, focusing on usability and the user experience. A technically challenging career with the emphasis on creative design.


You must have completed the highest level of secondary education with good to very good grades to apply for this apprenticeship. 

You’ll also:

  • Possess strong comprehension and deduction skills
  • Be a strong conceptual thinker
  • Have an interest in IT with a strong technical understanding
  • Show a flair for communication and language 

Training and vocational school

The training lasts for four years.

If you meet the admission criteria, you can also attend the vocational diploma school.

Your training will take place at PostFinance’s Competence Center for Young Professionals in Bern. You’ll work across disciplines with apprentices from other training professions, such as IT, mediamatics and retail. You’ll contribute to innovation projects in startup mode (teams with individual responsibility).

Further education

After successfully completing the apprenticeship, various development options are available:

  • A Bachelor’s degree in visual communication at a university of applied sciences 
  • A qualification from a professional education institution, e.g. designer, communications design
  • A diploma or higher vocational qualification, e.g. publication manager

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