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Distribution logistics technician, Federal VET Diploma (delivery)

As a distribution logistics technician, you deliver and collect consignments of all kinds, respond to customer queries and are often outside in the fresh air. Swiss Post is continually developing additional services tailored to our customers’ needs, and you play a central role in performing these services. Duties in the sorting center and warehouse operations supplement your diverse apprenticeship.


For the letter delivery apprenticeship, you can acquire a driving licence for a three-wheeled vehicle from the age of 15. For parcel delivery, you must be at least 17 years of age at the start of the apprenticeship, as this kind of delivery is carried out using a passenger vehicle.

You’ll also:

  • Be responsible, enjoy contact with people and be a good team player
  • Enjoy working in the fresh air
  • Be physically resilient
  • Be discreet and honest
  • You’ll be an early riser

Training and vocational school

The apprenticeship lasts for three years. At letter delivery, you’ll work in the team and get to know the various delivery locations in your region. At parcel delivery, you’ll deliver parcels under instruction. You’ll train as a forklift vehicle driver and obtain your driving licence for a passenger vehicle or motorcycle with support from Swiss Post. You’ll undertake broad-based logistics training. You’ll acquire the necessary theoretical knowledge at vocational school or on intercorporate and internal courses.

Swiss Post offers apprenticeships throughout Switzerland.

Further education

After successfully completing your apprenticeship, you’ll have lots of further training opportunities open to you, with or without the vocational school-leaving certificate. These include:

  • A vocational diploma or a higher vocational qualification, such as the Logistics Specialist Federal Diploma or the Logistics Manager Diploma
  • A qualification from a professional education institution, e.g. business processes technician
  • A Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in business and management

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