You help us keep Switzerland moving.

Warehouse logistics technician, Federal VET Diploma

You’ll monitor incoming goods independently, help with unloading goods, as well as preparing, packing and loading them. You’ll also learn to keep your composure during hectic periods and not to lose track of things. A placement in delivery adds exciting and enriching variety to your apprenticeship.


You must have successfully completed secondary education for this apprenticeship.

You’ll also:

  • Have good powers of concentration and organization
  • Be responsible, honest and reliable
  • Be physically resilient and possess manual skills
  • A head for figures
  • Be willing to work irregular hours

Training and vocational school

The apprenticeship lasts for three years. You’ll gradually learn all the tasks in your area of responsibility – from checking incoming goods to calculating transport costs and dealing with damage claims. You’ll also undertake placements at distribution and in one of Swiss Post’s large distribution centers. You’ll acquire the necessary theoretical knowledge at vocational school or on intercorporate and internal courses.

Swiss Post provides training places at the Dintikon, Mägenwil and Villmergen logistics centers.

Further education

After successfully completing your apprenticeship, you’ll have lots of further training opportunities open to you, with or without the vocational school-leaving certificate. These include:

  • A vocational diploma or a higher vocational qualification, such as the Logistics Specialist Federal Diploma or the Transport and Logistics Operations Manager Diploma
  • A qualification from a professional education institution, e.g. business processes technician
  • A Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in business and management

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